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50 Famous People Who Failed at Their First Attempt at Career Success

As a career success coach, I always advise my clients to stick with it – to demonstrate their commitment to their career success to themselves and others by shaking off setbacks and moving forward, not matter if they're interested in starting a business, or ... [Continue Reading]

How Gritty Are You?

Grit has become a popular word these days. Being a Steelers and Broncos fan, as much as I hate to admit it, the Patriots displayed some real grit in winning the Super Bowl on Sunday.  Grit will help you succeed. But exactly what the hell does grit mean? JT ... [Continue Reading]

5 Things You Need to Know About Success

Members of my career mentoring site know that I believe that we all have our personal definition of success. This article and video from my friends at Career HMO reinforces that point -- they say that "success is subjective.  I agree.  Like beauty, success ... [Continue Reading]

Career Success and Successful Failure

I read an interesting article on line the other day.  It had some great career success advice.  It was called “The 7 Keys to Successful Failure.”  Mindy Crary a financial coach at Creative Money is the author. This is my kind of article.  Tweet 34 in my ... [Continue Reading]

Why Becoming A Life Coach Can Be A Great Career Change

This is another post directed at my readers who are interested in becoming an entrepreneur. Becoming a life coach means you have years of experience in a specific field, or you’re so passionate about it that you’ve dedicated quite an amount of time ... [Continue Reading]

Peyton Manning, Humility and Career Success

Members of my career mentoring site have often heard me extol the virtues of humility.   One of my most repinned Pinterest pins says, "humility truly is a virtue. Successful people are confident but humble." Successful people are confident -- and that ... [Continue Reading]

Why Not Start a Business When You’re in College?

Successful Businesses That Started in College: Start Your Own Think you're too busy to be an entrepreneur while in college? Think again. Some of the most successful businesses around today got started in a dorm room, frat house or college apartment. Ever ... [Continue Reading]

Career Success: Tweet #34

Failure truly is the tuition you pay for success.  Katina Solomon at has created a list of “50 Famously Successful People Who Failed at First.”  These people come from all walks of life.  But they shared one characteristic in common – the ... [Continue Reading]

Career Success Rule #41

I’m a Pittsburgh guy. I grew up in Ambridge, PA, just 15 miles from where the confluence of the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers forms the Ohio River. Growing up there, I am a lifelong Pittsburgh Steeler fan. Displaced Pittsburgh guys like me have a love ... [Continue Reading]

Martin Luther King, A Mighty Purpose and Career Success

Today is Martin Luther King Day in the USA.  Dr. King is a personal hero of mine.  He awakened my interest in social issues.  I was just two weeks past my 13th birthday on August 28, 1963 when I heard his “I Have a Dream” speech. His words were powerful.  ... [Continue Reading]