Assume People Will Like You — and They Will

First impressions are important.  They count whether you’re looking for a job, or have a job and are looking to climb the corporate ladder.  You will always be meeting new people.  And every new person you meet provides an opportunity to make a good first impression.

This article provides five tips for making a good first impression…

I’m not so sure that you want to buy a cheeseburger for every person you meet.  In fact, these days many people are disgusted by cheeseburgers (they’re vegetarian, or they live a healthy lifestyle).  And, I’m not so sure that two cheeseburgers have the pleasure equivalent of one orgasm.  On the other hand, offering to do something like buying a cup of coffee for a new acquaintance is a pretty good idea.  That’s it for my quibbles with this article.

I want to focus on the first piece of advice — assume that people you meet will like you.  The article calls this social optimism.  It works for me.  I am confident when I meet someone new because I assume they will like me, and I act that way.  I look people in the eye.  I give them a firm handshake.  I smile.  I ask about them and their interests.  When asked how I’m doing, I reply, “Great, how about you.”  I do all of these things because I am a social optimist who assumes new people will like me.

Social pessimists, on the other hand, have a hard time looking people in the eye.  They give limp handshakes, They hesitate to smile and ask others about their interests.  When asked how they’re doing, they say something like, “I’m OK.”  They assume that other people are judging them and that they will come up wanting.  They sabotage themselves by making a poor first impression.

The old saying, “If you’re an optimist, you’re right.  And if you’re a pessimist you’re also right.” is true.  By choosing the optimistic position — assuming people will like you — you are very likely to create a positive first impression.

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