How to Answer the Most Dreaded Interview Question of All

Most people tell me that there is one question they dread when it comes to an interview.  The dreaded question?  “What questions do you have for me?”  You can bet that you’re going to be asked this question, so be prepared to answer.  Here are some ideas for how to respond to that most dread question….

What does success look like in this position?

You can vary this question a little to fit your situation, but essentially you want to glean information from the hiring manager of what the expectations for work ethic and personality are for the position. Take cues from what the interviewer describes and utilize those as you discuss your own qualifications and how you see yourself fitting into the team.

How has your company changed over the last year?

Having spent time studying the company’s work and press in the public space, this question should identify even further the internal workings of the company and what you can do to help the team out. This shows your hiring manager you’re interested in how the company has gotten to where it is today, and how they expect to see it change in the future. It can also help you understand more what your role might be if you are hired.

What specific problems would you like this position to address in the next six months?

This question does two things: One, it shows you are ready to get started taking responsibility and creating value in the subject position right away! Second, it gives you another view of the expectations and scope of the position so you know what you’re getting into.

What are your [the hiring manager’s] goals for your team in the next year?

This is a broader look at the hiring manager’s vision, and will bring you to topics that the hiring manager is highly interested in and will help them see you as a partner in that vision. With this in mind, you can engage them on how your experience and skillset can help the interviewer reach their own goals.

Armed with these questions, you’ll be ready to make a great impression and get a ton of valuable information out of the interview. You’ll also be building the beginning of a relationship with the hiring manager, rather than just responding to their preset list of questions. The most important thing you can do here is really listen to the responses they give to these questions. Don’t just wait to say your next line – listen and communicate and you’ll seem more confident and prepared to take on this new role.

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