How to Use LinkedIn to Land the Job of Your Dreams

Because I write this career success blog I get tons of press releases.  I ignore most of them.  But I received on the other day that really caught my eye.  It is about the launch of a no cost LinkedIn video training series.  If this series lives up to his hype, it will really help you in your job search.  Check it out…

Invite To Connect launches no cost LinkedIn video training series showing how anyone from novice to expert can stop using LinkedIn as a resume service and begin using the network for LinkedIn lead generation.

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Invite To Connect, the world’s only invitation service specifically designed for LinkedIn, has recently launched a no cost LinkedIn video training series that teaches basic to highly-advanced LinkedIn training concepts and usage. After consulting with many of the world’s leading LinkedIn training experts, Invite To Connect has created a comprehensive series of videos that will enable even the most basic LinkedIn user the ability to utilize LinkedIn for such simple task as creating a compelling profile, to more advanced tactics such as using LinkedIn for lead generation.

“We created this series of LinkedIn videos because we felt like it was time for LinkedIn users to understand that LinkedIn is no longer just a service to place a resume. Currently boasting over 380 million users, LinkedIn can be a valuable source for accomplishing multiple objectives, from landing a new job to selling one’s products and services. Most people are unaware that LinkedIn can be an incredible lead generation system, once they are taught the proper way to use the system for that purpose. Our goal is to show LinkedIn users, from the most basic to the most highly advanced, that anyone can learn and apply these techniques,” stated Philip Cardwell, Cofounder of Invite To Connect.

One or two LinkedIn training videos will be released every week, with the series culminating with an open-ended question and answer webinar. The details of the webinar and notifications of new video releases can be obtained by visiting:

The first video is titled “How to Setup Your LinkedIn Profile for Lead Generation” and explains the steps, reasoning and methods for setting up a LinkedIn headline, summary and photo for lead generation. As with each video in the series, the video transcript is available beneath the video.

The second video, titled “How to Use Your LinkedIn Profile to Hunt for Leads”, explains the importance of targeting the correct prospects and explains how the headline and summary should be in line with the prospective client being sought.

Video number three, titled “What To Do After People Show Interest (After They’ve Visited Your LinkedIn Profile)”, discusses the potential actions that can be taken after a potential prospect has visited your profile. Most people question what the next move should be. Should it be to immediately request to connect? Should an email be sent? Should a person connect with someone with whom there is no common interest?

Other video topics in the series will include:

“How to Define and Refine Your Searches on LinkedIn to Find Your Ideal Prospects”

“Automating Responses to LinkedIn Messages”

“LinkedIn Tips & Tricks (What Not to Do)”

“Adding Your Phone Number to Your Account for Security and Discovery”

“Getting Your “Invitations to Connect” Count Reset by LinkedIn”

“Uploading Your Address Book to LinkedIn to Get More Connections”

“Overcoming The Lost Value of LinkedIn Groups when Requesting to Connect with another LinkedIn Member”

“How to be Perceived as the LinkedIn Expert in YOUR Field”

Many more videos are expected to follow.

This is a great resource.  I suggest you sign up, watch the videos and put their ideas to work in your job search.

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