Not Getting the Respect You Deserve? It May be Time for a New Job

Even after years of what you consider faithful service, you may start to feel that you aren’t getting the respect that you’ve earned. You have to realize that you won’t be happy if you’re not appreciated. Here are four signs that you aren’t being respected and a change of employment might be the best move.

Stuck in a Rut

You probably thought that you’d work your way up to some authority and a larger piece of the profits. Instead, you may find yourself passing a milestone and realize that it’s been years since you picked up new responsibilities, promotions, or even a satisfying raise. If that’s the case, your contribution isn’t being recognized, or isn’t being rewarded. If you’re aggressively seeking new opportunities but coming up short, admit that your career has dead-ended and it’s time to move on.

You’re the Outsider

Some company cultures can be intensely social or competitive. The dynamic can change gradually. If one day you realize that you’re a peripheral figure instead of an influencer, you’re already in jeopardy. Stressing over it or changing gears to unnatural behavior can bring on resentment and bitter words you’ll regret. It’s time to look for better opportunities.

Poor Relationship with Bosses

The two-way relationship with your boss can go sour if one of you has done something to forfeit respect or loyalty. It can happen for reasons that have nothing to do with performance. For instance, if you’ve been injured and unable to perform your usual duties, you can be perceived as a problem but one that can’t legally be fired. Your boss can make your life very difficult. In situations like this, you may have to seek legal help from a professional, like those at Oxner + Permar, LLC.

You Don’t Get Personal Time

If you’ve become the go-to team member that’s always the one working late or coming in on weekends, it may be that your willingness has made you a pushover. If you suspect your boss is taking advantage of you, you’re not being respected. It’s important to have a healthy life-work balance or you’ll wind up miserable. Ask for a fair distribution of the workload. If you don’t get it, or it’s slow in coming, start fine-tuning your resume.

If you feel your company or your boss is never going to appreciate your best efforts, you’ll soon find yourself on a downward spiral mentally, socially, and even physically. It’s time to redefine your career goals and move to a position with more potential.

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