Positive Personal Impact in Madras

Today is Tuesday, so this post is on positive personal impact.

Dressing well and looking good are a big part of making a positive personal impact.  The Wednesday, June 27, 2007 edition of USA Today had an interesting piece — written by Wendell Brown, Senior Fashion Editor for Esquire — on what to wear to casual (not business casual ) functions at different ages.  It was prompted by the fact that madras shorts for men are making a comeback.

Here’s what Mr. Brown has to say.

In your 20s…

The vibe – You can do anything in your 20s including wearing madras to “dressier places”.

Do – Make bold choices.  Experiment with other madras pieces like a “funky” tailored jacket or pants.

Don’t – Lose your cool.  Act your age by keeping madras “cool preppy”, not “square preppy”.

In your 30s…

The vibe – You’ve mastered (or should have mastered) the more adult version of being dressed down.

Do – Pay attention.  Invest more time into your outfit to make it look as if “thought about what you’re wearing.”

Don’t – Go overboard.  Sandals don’t work on everyone, so when in doubt, stick to simple, no frill shoes.

In your 40s

The vibe – This time of your life is all about a show of confidence.

Do – Wear real shoes.  Avoid flip flops and sneakers, because at this age you have more to be dressed up about.

Don’t — Be afraid.  Flaunt your age and sophistication, because nothing is better than confidence.

When you are 50 + (that’s me)…

The vibe – You’ve established a style, so just have fun with it.

Do – Show you care.  Coordinate your look with some panache.  It’s great to see a gentleman who still pulls himself together.

Don’t – Have an identity crisis.  The fashion forward gentleman stays age-appropriate without being stodgy.  He doesn’t think he’s 80 and still having fun with fashion.

My take on all of this.  I’m an old prep.  I wear only button down shirts.  While I would never wear a short sleeved button down shirt for business, I think I look better in them than in gold shirts.  My accessories (ties and belts especially) are where I try to have some fun.  Finally, no one will ever accuse me of dressing too young.  In fact, sometimes the opposite is true.  Cathy often tells me to “cool up” – whatever that means.

The common sense point here – pay attention to what you wear and how you look, at any age.  Be comfortable in your clothes.  People can tell when you’ve spent some time getting yourself together.  If you spend a few extra minutes thinking about what you’re going to wear – and looking in the mirror before you go out the door – you’ll make a positive personal impact.

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