Sel Confidence is Key to Success — in Baseball and in Life

Today is Monday, so this post is on self confidence.

The World Series ended last night.  The dream ended for the Colorado Rockies.  The Red Sox beat them four games to zero.  For those of us in Colorado, it was fun while it lasted.  The Rockies won 21 of the previous 22 games to get into the World Series.  As they kept winning at the end of the regular season, their confidence kept growing.  It seemed as if they couldn’t lose.  And then they did.

Boston won the first game of the World Series 13 – 1.  From then on out, it was downhill for the Rockies.  They lost the next three games:  2 – 1, 10 – 5 and 4 –3.  They score 29 runs in four games.  The Rockies were able to manage just 10.  It was a dominating performance by the team that had the best record in baseball this year.

So what happened to the Rockies?  Manager, Clint Hurdle says it came down to execution – the Red Sox executed better than the Rockies (see my post today at  I agree, they did.  But why?

I think self confidence played a part in it.  Boston and Cleveland were the dominant teams in baseball this year.  They went into the playoffs with the best records (96 – 66).  Boston was down three games to one in the American League Championship Series, but came back to beat Cleveland.  They came into the World Series full of confidence.  But so did the Rockies.  They had to play an extra game just to get into the playoffs, and then they went on a roll.  They beat Philadelphia three games to none in the National League Division Series; and Arizona four games to none in the National League Championship Series.

They waited eight days to play the first game against Boston and they lost 13 – 1.  All of a sudden the team that couldn’t lose, did.  I don’t know how much self confidence had to do with Boston winning the next three, or Colorado losing the next three, but I know it played a part.  As I watched, the Rockies never seemed to recover from that game.  They lost the momentum and confidence they had coming into the Series. 

This is not to take anything away from Boston.  They are a great team.  The Rockies have a young team that is still developing.  After the game, Colorado Manager, Clint Hurdle said that the Rockies checked off quite a few things from their “to do” list.  They have one more – that’s winning the World Series.  The confidence they gained from their end of season heroics, should help them in 2008.

The common sense point here is simple.  Self confidence is an important, but not the only, ingredient to success.  There are three things necessary to build and maintain your self confidence: 1) be optimistic, believe you will succeed; 2) face your fears and deal with them, and 3) surround yourself with positive people. 

Self confidence will keep you in the game, but you have to perform well too.  Unfortunately for the Rockies, the Red Sox’ performance in the first game of the World Series seemd to be just too much to overcome.

I’d like to join everyone in Denver and the Rocky Mountain West in thanking Clint Hurdle and the Rockies for their success this year and wishing them all the best for 2008 and beyond.

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