Successful People Reflect on Success

My friends at Self Development Secrets recently undertook a survey of successful people (including me) to find out how they think of success.  They’ve come up with some very interesting findings.  You can see them below.

Success is a funny thing to talk about. If you ask a hundred people their definition of success, there’s a chance that you get a hundred different answers. It depends on a lot of things. How you were brought up, where you were brought up, who you hang out with, the list goes on and on.

So what is success to you?

Is it having more money?


Good relationships?

Being happy?

Being more spiritual?

Whatever it is, chances are you haven’t reached that point yet. And even if you have, chances are you changed your definition of success and you’re looking for more. Whatever your definition, this post can help take you one step closer to that goal.

So how does this work? First of all, we got a total of 176 individuals of all backgrounds that we would consider somewhat successful. We have CEO’s, business owners, editors, bloggers, partners and many more. They all have their own definition of success. While they might not all think that they are successful, our contributors are definitely considered successful by some, if not most people’s standards. They took a survey, so the average is where we try to strive towards to increase our chances. They also left a few sentences each about what they think we need to know.

Whether success means health, wealth, spiritual well being, good relationships or anything else, this is how you can take a step towards it and take your life to a much higher standard.

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