The Angel Inside — Part 2

Today is Wednesday, so this post is on outstanding performance.

On Monday, I did a post on the book The Angel Inside by Chris Widener.  In case you missed the post, The Angel Inside is a fable.  It’s the story of Tom Cook, a disillusioned 30 year old American, who takes a trip to Europe in the hope of finding some direction for his life.  In Florence, he meets an old man who promises him that “this day will forever change your life”.

Together, Tom and the old man visit Michelangelo’s famous statue of David, a sculptor’s studio and a restaurant.  Along the way, the old man dispenses 10 pieces of advice.  I won’t tell you what they are here because I want you to read the book.  Believe me, it will be worth your time.

The Angel Inside is a small book – 94 pages.  I read it in about 45 minutes.  Then I thought about it for about four hours.  Then I read it again making notes to myself.  Mr. Widener has a lot to say about becoming an outstanding performer.  I’ve included a few quotes on outstanding performance from The Angel Inside below

  • “The masters, the ones who succeed tremendously and set the standard for others are those who master the details.”
  • “As David stands facing Goliath, he conceives in his mind what he wants to do.  But had he not trained by himself, slinging countless stones at trees and animals, for years in obscurity, had he not been skilled enough to make his hand obey his mind, the story would have ended my much differently.”
  • “The lesson is not to move too fast.  Fast enough to get where you want to be, but slow enough to do it right the first time.”
  • “Planning helps you do it right the first time”.
  • “Sometimes success takes years.  It takes methodical action over time.”
  • “Live your life and do your work in the embodiment of excellence, and opportunities will flow your way.  People cannot, they will not, turn an eye away from excellence.”
  • “Do the best you can at your work.  Above all, be passionate about what you do and how you live your life.”

If you look at these quotes closely, you will see that each in its own way hits on one or more of the principles I suggest for becoming an outstanding performer:

  1. Become technically excellent.
  2. Set and achieve high goals.
  3. Organize yourself for success.

The Angel Inside is a great book full of common sense ideas on career and life success.  I suggest you read and study it – more importantly put the ten pieces of advice it dispenses to work.

That’s it for today.  Thanks for reading.  Log on to my website for more common sense.  Check out my other blog: for common sense advice on leading people and running a small business.

I’ll see you around the web, and at Alex’s Lemonade Stand.


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