10 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Accounting

If you’re considering a career in the accounting, there are plenty of reasons to jump in. Accounting is a rewarding field with tons of pros and not too many cons. Here are 10 reasons to pursue a career in accounting:

Job Outlook

Accounting is a crucial role in any organization. Business, non-profit, and government entities all need accountants. What does that mean for you? It means you’ll always have jobs available and plenty of options (more on that in a minute). The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a 10 percent increase in accounting jobs between 2016 and 2026.

 If you’re looking for an industry that’s stable and reliable, accounting is a great choice. As long as businesses exist, they’ll need accountants. And as tax laws, business regulations, and the global economy become more complex, the need will continue to grow.


The need for accountants means more than ample job options. It also means flexibility — with accountants in high demand in every industry and sector, you can use your accounting skills to work for almost any company.

 Accountants work a wide variety of jobs and employment situations. Some work for large accounting firms. Some work for small businesses or in the accounting departments of huge multinational corporations. Others work for themselves as CPAs, tax advisors, or consultants.

 With such a transferable set of skills, accountants are able to easily find jobs that fit their lifestyle and salary needs in just about any city. Those who enjoy travel can work remotely or find accounting jobs with travel built right in. 

 Great Pay

The mean annual wage for auditors and accountants is almost $80,000, with many making even more. And it makes sense that accountants would be able to earn a great salary for their work. With such an essential skill set and so many jobs to choose from, companies are competing over accounting talent just to keep positions full.

Making a Major Contribution to Your Organization

The work accountants do is irreplaceable and allows the organization to thrive. Without accountants, businesses, non-profits, and governments would crash and burn. If that’s not enough motivation for you, remember that you get to choose where you work.

This is another incredible facet of the job outlook for accountants. You really get the chance to choose an organization you care about. No need to work for a bad boss or offer up your blood sweat, and tears in service of an organization you couldn’t care less about. When you work for a company you love, it’s easy to find your work rewarding and…dare we say it…fun.

Taking on a Strategic Role

There was a time when accountants were merely number-crunchers. That time has passed. Research shows that as accounting technology takes more of the day-to-day box filling and number crunching off accountants’ plates, they’re stepping into more strategic roles.

Accounting professionals are being asked to help their organizations make better decisions, analyze trends, and do great things with the resources they have. I don’t know about you, but that sounds better to us than counting beans.

Upward Mobility

Along with the flexibility of accounting jobs, there’s terrific upward mobility. A little experience and continuing education can help you move from entry-level right up the ladder of accounting and finance. You might want to hire someone to write your resume as you look to move up.

Many controllers and accounting managers started in entry-level accounting department roles and that same trajectory can often lead all the way up to CFO.

Do You Enjoy Puzzles?

Accountants of all kinds spend their days solving challenging and interesting puzzles. If that’s something you enjoy, you may be a great fit for an accounting career.

At first, it may seem like accounting is cut and dried. There’s only one correct answer, right? Yes and no. It often takes creativity to solve the puzzle and figure out the best solution to an accounting problem. At the same time, accounting has a certain objectivity that makes it wonderful. There’s always a way to check your work and make sure your solution is valid. Just take a look at the monthly account reconciliation and you’ll see what we mean.

Work With Cutting-Edge Technology

Accounting today depends on some of the best business technology out there. Cloud-based applications help accountants handle the numbers faster and more accurately. They can analyze trends, forecast future changes, and detect problems faster than ever before.

The World Needs You

This isn’t a corny cliche and we’re not asking you to join The Avengers. But facts are facts. The world needs good accountants and it’s good to be needed. You’ll be much appreciated at work for everything you bring to the table and that’s a great feeling. And yes, your friends and family will hit you up for free advice, especially around tax season. You’ll roll your eyes a bit and pretend to be annoyed, but secretly you’ll love it.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a career in accounting practically guarantees job security and a more-than-fair salary. As the industry evolves with the help of technology, the horror stories of working nights and weekends are becoming a thing of the past.



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