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Bud Bilanich knows what he is talking about. He has a knack for presenting great common sense ideas that jump off the page and into you head. I recommend him to anyone that wants to grow in their life and career. His straight forward ideas and concepts have helped me become a personal, as well as professional, success.

– David Guziak | Account Manager | Cengage Learning

No matter who you are, or where you are in your career, you will find hard hitting, pragmatic useful common sense advice for becoming a personal and professional success in Bud Bilanich’s My Corporate Climb. Go through his home study course and keep it close by for easy reference.

– Tom Booth | V.P. International Consumer Care | Merck

Bud Bilanich’s advice is invaluable. He helped me build a great resume that landed interviews. I moved all the way across the country, from Jacksonville, FL to San Diego CA. I didn’t know a soul when I arrived in California, but managed to get a job in two weeks. And, I’ve already gotten a raise – all as a result of using Bud’s advice. Every young person needs to hear what he has to say.

– Brett McIlwain | National Accounts Manager | Iniinji Performance Toe Socks

My Corporate Climb is a home run – engaging and full of great ideas on personal and professional success. It is a terrific tool for anyone interested in creating a successful life and career. These are simple, but very powerful ideas.

– Bob Matts | V.P. HR | Pfizer Inc.

Bud has captured what is missing throughout corporate America today. His approach is pragmatic, easily applied and a real wake up call. Just like in his books, in My Corporate Climb Bud has found a way to condense a whole thesis into a very usable daily approach to career and life success. It’s outstanding!

– John A. Salvagno | V.P. Operations | CorePharma

Bud Bilanich is a personal inspiration for me. Positive, creative and a true example of success. Bud demonstrates his sincere desire to help others in his books, DVDs and coaching – and now, his membership site, My Corporate Climb. I love reading the common sense advice on his blog so much I begged him to become a contributor on OfficeArrow.com.

– Chrissy Scivicque | Managing Editor | OfficeArrow.com

I have read several of Bud Bilanich’s books on life and career success. I have really enjoyed them and only have one regret: I wish I had read them sooner! Besides that, I found Bud’s advice and examples to be interesting and applicable in other areas of my career. It is so much easier for me to remember principles when they are tied to specific examples like I found in Bud’s books. His membership site is a great teaching method, and I visit it often.

– Kimberly S. Fry | Whirlpool

// Praise for Climbing the Corporate Ladder //

I’ve known Bud Bilanich for over 30 years. He provided me with great key organizational perspectives early in my career. He has continually refined his ideas on life and career success, and the result is a winner. ‘Climbing the Corporate Ladder’ is a must read for anyone interested in moving up in a sure but steady manner.

– Tony Maddaluna | President | Pfizer Global Supply

Bud Bilanich is the real deal. He has a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in your life and career. In ‘Climbing the Corporate Ladder’ he presents his wisdom in his typical down-to earth, common sense style. This is a book you’ll find yourself returning to again and again.

– Jack Davis | CEO | Group DCA

There is a reason Bud is known as ‘The Common Sense Guy.’ His direct approach to climbing the corporate ladder is refreshingly honest and inspiring. Few career experts have the ability to make people not only see what they have to do, but act on it. Read this book if you want to finally get your career climbing in the right direction.

– J.T. O’Donnell | CEO | CareerHMO

‘Climbing the Corporate Ladder’ is a home run! Engaging and highly readable, the book is full of great ideas. It’s a terrific tool for anyone interested in a successful life and career. These are simple but very powerful ideas.

– Ron Guziak | CEO and President | Sun Health Services

This book is fundamental to your professional success. It applies to all business professionals and shares gems of advice that will both motivate and inspire you. Bud is a renowned career success expert. If you are serious about wanting to climb the corporate ladder, add this book to your ‘must-read’ list.

– Eric Harvey | CEO | Walk the Talk Company

// Advance Praise for Straight Talk for Success //

As I read one common sense point after another, I was cheering for the Common Sense Guy. I can’t think of one person who wouldn’t recognize themselves more than once in this book. We all need some ‘Straight Talk.’ No matter how successful you are and how much common sense you think you have, you must read this book. Guarantee you’ll want everyone around you to read it too.

– Diane Craig | President | Corporate Class, Inc.

Bud ‘The Common Sense Guy’ Bilanich, has done it again… put together a roadmap for both career and life success. ‘Straight Talk for Success’ is jam packed with hundreds of tactical and practical tools that leaders, at EVERY level, can apply immediately. Bottom line: This is one of the very best ‘how to’ success books I’ve ever read and I recommend it highly.

– Eric Harvey | Co-Author | Walk the Talk: And Get the Results You Want

If you’re interested in building a successful and fulfilling career, Bud Bilanich’s new book is a must-read! Bud understands what it takes to be successful and he distills his wisdom into an easily readable, fast paced text.

– William Arruda | Author | Career Distinction

This fast-moving book is loaded with practical ideas and strategies you can apply immediately to achieve greater success.

– Brian Tracy | Author | The Way to Wealth

Bud Bilanich has again shown us how to remain ‘true’ to our higher self. In this book, he shares the common sense thinking of we can all choose where we want to be. This insightful, practical approach to career and life success should be added to your shelf of ‘read often material.’

– Mila N. Baker, Ph.D. | Vice President, Human Resources | SourceMedia

‘Straight Talk for Success’ identifies personal characteristics and critical skills needed to succeed in today’s business world. It’s about bricks and mortar. Bilanich shares the critical skills and personal characteristics high performers must possess, such as confidence, competence, and communications abilities, and then suggests how to put them into practice. This book offers practical, actionable, no-nonsense guidelines, not theoretical, academic platitudes. It gives readers a roadmap for success. Add what Bilanich prescribes to your toolkit and skill set, and you’ll perform at a higher level, experience greater professional success and higher personal satisfaction.

– Peter Lathrop | Retired CEO | Hartmann Luggage

In this readable and actionable book, Bud Bilanich explores five elements of success and shows how to maximize your performance in each area.

– Roger C. Parker | 32 Million Dollar Author, Designer, and Writing Coach

In ‘Straight Talk for Success,’ Bud Bilanich has compiled a number of anecdotes demonstrating the five traits all career stars possess: self-confidence, personal impact, outstanding performance, communication skills, and interpersonal competence. A must-read for all those young career seekers — or those pondering a career change. If you’re wondering how to stand out, Dr. Bilanich presents common sense wisdom and offers practical examples of how to improve your career and your life.

– Kimberlee Morrison | Know More Media

If you are looking for one success book to read this year, you must choose ‘Straight Talk for Success,’ by Bud Bilanich. His style is authentic, yet forceful; comprehensive, yet simple; entertaining, yet serious. ‘Straight Talk for Success’ is a compendium of wisdom for the road — touchstones to remind us of what is important and vital to focus on as we embark on our leadership journeys. A great read to start your day with a positive attitude and with a focus on success.

– Judith E. Glaser | Author | CEO | Benchmark Communications, Inc.

Bud Bilanich’s ‘Straight Talk for Success’ is like having CliffNotes for success, but much more entertaining. He is a pithy writer who tells fascinating stories that illuminate the point he is making. I particularly liked the story about networking on a flight — probably one of the most difficult venues in which to get someone to talk! Bud also gives the ‘doers’ among us advice in the form of bullet points: eye-candy for those constantly wanting to improve but starved for time.

He covers practically any facet of success you’d want to know about, from the basics: grooming to thank you notes, personal character traits to confidence building, serving others, and so much more.

Bud is generous with his advice, sensitive to the reader’s time, and highly entertaining. This is a must read. I’d highly recommend this book to our viewers.

– Helen Whelan | CEO and Founder | SuccessTelevision.com

Bud Bilanich is a keen observer of life and what it takes to succeed in your life and career. In ‘Straight Talk for Success,’ he offers up some great common suggestions for getting ahead in your life and career. From personal experience, I can tell you that Bud’s ideas work. Anyone who wants to be a career and life success should read this book.

– Sue Healy | President | MyEyeDr.

If you’re aiming to succeed at virtually any endeavor, make a beeline to ‘Straight Talk for Success,’ Bud Bilanich’s brilliant book that shows you how to use not smoke and mirrors, but common sense to achieve your goals. When you do read it, you’ll realize that common sense isn’t very common these days, but Bud has captured its lightning in this book.

– Jay Conrad Levinson | The Father of Guerrilla Marketing

‘Straight Talk for Success’ is a great book for anyone who wants to become a career and life success, especially engineers. All too often, we make the mistake of thinking that professional competence and high performance are all it takes to succeed. Bud Bilanich’s book shows us that there’s more to it than that. I’m going to buy a copy for all of the young professionals in my office.

– Cecil Windsor | Senior Vice President | Gamma Construction

Bud Bilanich IS the Common Sense Guy! Reading Bud’s work sparks two thoughts: 1) Hey, that makes sense and seems so obvious. Why didn’t I think of that? and 2) It’s so simple anyone can do it. Bud is known for his ‘no nonsense,’ jargon-free approach to management and success, and it works! It may be called Common Sense, but it is not so common. Bilanich provides a simple and sustainable roadmap for building a successful career.

– Gordon S. Borteck | Vice President of Human Resources | Minerals Technologies, Inc.

I found this book to be simply brilliant! Bud has a way of providing insightfully simple answers to all of your innermost thoughts, concerns, wants and needs to achieve a higher level of success in your business and personal life. A must read for everyone who wants to improve their life skills!

– Andy Fiffick | CEO | Rad Air Franchise Systems, Inc.

The best part about Bud’s books is the common sense approach he takes to writing about Common Sense. As a result, he makes it easy to implement the ideas and advice he offers up. You can take immediate steps to deal with things you’d like to change. And he gives you the confidence to follow through.

– Don Kirkpatrick | CEO | Cadre Technologies

‘Straight Talk for Success’ is a book that provides common sense career guidance that all college graduates will find helpful as they begin their careers. It should be the last bit of required reading for graduating seniors.

– Peggy Williams, EdD | President | Ithaca College

// Praise for Bud Bilanich’s Other Books //

Book: 4 Secrets of High Performing Organizations

Elegantly simple.

– Karen Katen | President | Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals

Simple but powerful concepts.

– Chase Carey | CEO | Fox Television

Full of wisdom that applies to leaders of all types of organizations.

– John Arigoni | President and CEO | Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Denver

Any leader, from CEO to mail room supervisor, will find easy-to-use ideas in this book.

– Ron Guziak | Executive Director | Hoag Hospital Foundation

Book: Using Values to Turn Vision into Reality

Refreshing and useful. Effectively takes important leadership concepts and brings them to life.

– Peggy Williams | President | Ithaca College

An excellent ‘how-to’ book on turning vision and values into value-added results.

– Eric Harvey | Co-Author | Walk the Talk… and Get the Results You Want

Book: Supervisory Leadership and the New Factory

This book is must reading for anyone interested in managing an effective manufacturing organization.

– Tony Maddaluna | Vice President Manufacturing | Europe Pfizer, Inc.

Book: Fixing Performance Problems

This is a book I wish I had when I was beginning my career as an HR generalist.

– Sylvia Montero | Senior Vice President Human Resources | Pfizer, Inc.

Dr. Bilanich has once again provided his readers with an easy to read, practical guide for managing performance. His new book provides simple, common sense ideas on fixing performance problems. This information is particularly useful in manufacturing environments. It provides an excellent guideline for middle managers and supervisors to use when dealing with difficult performance issues.

– J. R. Mulkey | Director of Operations | Minerals Technologies, Inc.

As entrepreneurs, we know firsthand the importance of fixing performance problems. Bud Bilanich’s book is full of common sense advice on this subject. Anyone who owns a small business should read and study it.

– Jack Davis and Rob Likoff | Founders | Group DC