Success Quote October 14, 2019

"I believe a champion wins in his mind first, then plays the game. Not the other way around." Alex Rodriguez ... [Continue Reading]

Success Quote October 13, 2019

"Be kind to people, do the best that you can do and don't compromise yourself for anyone else and you'll end up being the better person. Trust me." Naya Rivera ... [Continue Reading]

Success Quote October 12, 2019

"Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same." Carlos Castaneda ... [Continue Reading]

Success Quote October 11, 2019

"Each generation must discover its mission, fulfill it or betray it, in relative opacity." Frantz Fanon ... [Continue Reading]

Success Quote October 10, 2019

"My mother gave me one piece of advice that stuck with me. She said don't forget where you came from." Eva Longoria ... [Continue Reading]

Success Quote October 9, 2019

"I believe that fortitude is key. More than anything, be consistent. Go at it. Go at it. Go at it. When you succeed, don't forget the responsibility of making somebody else succeed with you." Antonia Novello ... [Continue Reading]

Success Quote October 8, 2019

"You can't lead from the crowd." Margaret Thatcher ... [Continue Reading]

Success Quote October 7, 2019

"When things are bad, it's the best time to reinvent yourself." George Lopez ... [Continue Reading]

How to Research a Company’s Culture

When you're looking for a job don't forget to spend some time figuring out if you'll be a good fit with the companies you are considering. A company's culture is a god indicator of whether or not you'll be a good fit there.  My friend Hannah Morgan the ... [Continue Reading]

Success Quote October 6, 2019

"One of the greatest things you have in life is that no one has the authority to tell you what you want to be. You're the one who'll decide what you want to be. Respect yourself and respect the integrity of others as well. The greatest thing you have is your ... [Continue Reading]