Farewell My Friends

I began writing this blog in 2004 after reading a blog post written by a homeless guy using a library computer. He shared his experience living on the streets. Back then blogs were called weblogs and most people had never heard of them. I’ve had a great time writing this blog. But after 18 years and thousands of posts, I’ve decided that it’s time for me to shut down this blog. There are newer and younger voices who are offering great life and career success.

I started blogging because I wanted to share my thoughts on life and career success with as wide an audience as possible. I appreciate all my readers, especially those who commented on my posts. I hope that I have helped some of you in your life and career success journey. It was never my intention to make money by blogging. However, as my readership and subscribers grew, other bloggers began asking, and paying, for guest posts and link insertions. These funds helped to pay for my hosting costs. I doubt if I’ve broken even, but the little bit of extra money was welcome.

As I write this last post, I’m grateful. I’m grateful for my readers. I’m grateful for the technology that allowed me to share my thoughts widely. I’m grateful that my life experiences have given me something to say about life and career success. As such, I think it is only fitting to end with a quote on gratitude. This one is from Melody Beattie.

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.

It turns what we have into enough.

Gratitude helps make sense of our past,

brings peace for today,

and creates a vision for tomorrow.

Stay grateful my friends, appreciate what you have and keep working towards the life and career success you want and deserve.

Bud Bilanich, December 31, 2022

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  1. Habeebah Dhu-Nurayn says:

    No please … Don’t shut this blog down.. I enjoy reading and exploring here .. .

    Don’t shut it down

  2. Have really appreciated and benefit from your daily quotes. Appreciated having a source of positive energy. All the best

  3. Brett Walker says:

    Thanks Bud! Your regular quotes have helped me think and offer help to others too. All the best!

  4. Erick Ochieng' says:

    Thanks Bud. It has been very inspiring for silent readers like me. I use your quotes most of the times and they are always on my WhatsApp profile. Be blessed all they way!

  5. Dwight Van de Vate says:

    Thank-you for sharing so many stories and experiences over the years. I believe you used to give books away to people you would meet during the course of the day, I always thought that a neat, selfless and kind act.

  6. Bud, you have been duch a great positive influence and inspiration on my career. I wish you would not shut this blog down. All the best.

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