10 Smart Interviewing Tips

You have to work hard to get an interview.  Once you get one, don’t blow it.  This article lists 10 things you’ll want to avoid in any job interview.


Most of these are common sense, but I’ve stopped being surprised when someone I’m interviewing commits one or more of these errors.

I’d like to focus on number 9 — not being prepared.

Long before I became your career mentor, I worked in Training and Development in some big companies.  When I was breaking in to the field I used to worry that my training delivery might not be good enough.  My boss gave me this bit of advice: Preparation makes up for a lack of talent.

That advice holds true for most things in life.  It’s especially true when it comes to job interviews.  Make sure you’re prepared when you show up.  Learn everything you can about the company.  Learn everything you can about the industry.  Anticipate questions. Practice your answers to them — out loud.  Come prepared with questions to ask the interviewer about the company and the position.

The better prepared you are for your interview, the better chances you’ll have of landing the job.

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