10 Tips for First Time Managers

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Good managers make it look easy so the realities of management come as a a big surprise to most people.

The promotion to your first management job is the toughest career transition of all for most people.

As a manager you need to be available to your team while also mastering a whole new skill set. This tends to make the twelve months of anyone’s first management role a bit of a baptism of fire.

The skill set that won you this promotion, most likely, has very little to do with management and lots to do with your technical skills, which are now far less important.

Don’t despair however, many, many people have been through the same transition and mastered management.

There are lots of components to management. Don’t try to learn them all at the same time. Focus on the basics of communication and goal setting and once you have mastered them move on to other skills.

Communication is the foundation of all management. If you’re not confident on that then you should probably consider a course or some coaching to get you up to speed fast. In other areas you can probably afford some time to get them right.

This great infographic from Acuity Training below will walk you through the other basics. Good luck!



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