10 Words to Avoid Using on LinkedIn

I often sing the praises of LinkedIn to my career mentoring clients.

LinkedIn is the best tool for building a non local network.  Good old face to face conversations are still the best way to build a local network.

One of the problems with LinkedIn is that every profile you read starts to sound the same.

In this article, you’ll find 10 words that are overused in LinkedIn.


The author suggests that you should never use any of these words.  I agree and disagree.

I think you should use these words only if they truly apply to you.

If you are extremely creative for example, feel free to use the word “creative.”  But be prepared to offer evidence in your profile that you truly are creative.

Like most career advice, I urge you to read the article and then decide for yourself what you’ll do or not do once you’re armed with the information it provides.

Your career mentor,


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