20 Words for a Successful Life

As your career mentor, I’m always looking for helping life and career success information.

Tony Jeary is known as The Results Guy. I am a subscriber to his ‘newsletter. Yesterday he sent out a post entitled “The 20 Most Powerful Words for a Successful Life.” I like what Tony has to say, so I am reposting his thoughts here.

The 20 Most Powerful Words for a Successful Life

Tony Jeary

  1. Values: Know what matters most to you.
  2. Happiness: Take time to understand what truly makes you happy. Then build a life around it. As I like to say, “it makes every day feel like a weekend.”
  3. Curiosity: Be learning every day, all the time. Huge wins come from a life of insatiable curiosity.
  4. Thinking: Instead of doing so much, do what matters. The only way to get there is to think more than most do.
  5. Leverage: Multiply your efforts, your resources and your time by being smart.
  6. Clarity: Know what you want and why you want it. And not just what you want to have, but also experience, share, give and, of course, become. Then gain the “Pulling Power” of clarity to attract it.
  7. Focus: Constantly eliminate distractions. Do those things that lead to what matters most. Document and review your High Leverage Activities (HLAs) constantly.
  8. Execution: You have to take action; don’t procrastinate. Incorporate “Production Before Perfection.”
  9. Share: Don’t tell; rather, share. No one hates sharing, and most actually welcome it. Sharing leads to much of life’s joy.
  10. Assess: Evaluate and measure everything that matters. Find the gaps and zero in. Assess the best and benchmark/model against it.
  11. Objectives: Always know the goal, and how it fits into the vision, the mission and the priorities.
  12. Engagement: Be entertaining, involving and insure people win. Life will be full of wonderful surprises.
  13. Presenting: Nothing happens until something is communicated, to yourself, your team, the world.
  14. Health: Constantly delete all types of toxins from your body and your mind. It allows you to rest, live with less stress and be at peak performance in everything you do.
  15. Systems: Automate everything you can. Strive for “maintenance-free” in everything. Freedom comes from aligned systems that work. With more freedom comes so many more choices.
  16. Preparedness: Where is the hockey puck going to be, and what do you need to do before it gets there? Preparedness breeds confidence, brand and character.
  17. Team: An often overlooked piece of life’s puzzle is the awesome power of a “Life Team.”
  18. Appreciation: People are influenced, endeared and inspired when they are genuinely appreciated; do it often.
  19. Smile: It’s self-explanatory.
  20. Results: Perhaps my favorite word, because everything either leads to it, or not.

Which of Tony’s words really caught your attention? Clarity, execution and Results are my top 3.

I hope you found these words to be helpful to you in your life and career success journey.

Your career mentor,




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