How to Jumpstart Your Career Success Using LinkedIn

When someone contacts me — your career mentor — for career advice, the first thing I do is check out him or her on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has become to go to place for finding out about people.

Recruiters use it.  Employers use it.  People use it to check out prospective dates.

All this means that you must have a strong presence on LinkedIn — one that presents you in the very best light.

The article below is written to people and companies who want to use LinkedIn to generate leads and business, but there are some valuable bits of advice here for anyone who wants to create a strong LinkedIn presence.

I particularly like #19 — Join LinkedIn groups.

I am a very active participant in several young professional groups — not because I’m a young professional, but because I want to reach young professionals. I participate actively in the groups to which I belong.

Most industries and professions have LinkedIn groups.  These are the best place to start.  Join.  Participate — first by responding to other members’ posts, then start positing yourself.

LinkedIn is a tremendous way to brand yourself as the pro you are.  Use the tips in the article to get the most out of it.

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