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This career advice blog has been blessed lately – several really great people have offered to do guest posts.  All of these posts have provided some great career success advice.  More important, they have provided their own unique perspective on life and career success.

Dan Robey is a friend of mine.  He writes some powerful stuff.  If you haven’t already picked up a copy of his book, The Power of Positive Habits, I suggest you do so as soon as you finish reading his career advice in this guest post.

Dan and I think a lot alike.  The career advice he offers on personal fitness in this guest post closely resembles what I have to say in Tweet 91 in my latest career success book, Success Tweets.  “The better you feel, the better you’ll perform.  Live a healthy lifestyle.  Eat well.  Exercise regularly.  Get regular checkups.”

Check out what Dan has to say…

You are a Corporation.

What does that mean? I want you to start thinking of yourself as a “personal services corporation.”

It does not matter what you do in life, you are providing services to someone. Housewives, salesmen, CEO’s, mothers, fathers, we are all providing services to someone and should think of ourselves as a personal services corporation.

OK, now that we have established that YOU are a personal services corporation, how does that positively affect your life?

If you are employed you now look at yourself as a corporation that is providing services to another corporation.  You are now on equal footing with your company.

What makes you valuable to the company you work for? You guessed it…..the services you provide to your company.
The better the quality of service you provide, the more money you are entitled to earn.

What should YOU, the corporation do to improve the services you provide, and thereby increase your earning potential?

Go the extra mile.

Study the products and services your company provides, read books on how to better manage the sales process, read books on how to set and reach goals, read books that help you become a better provider of services to the company you work for.

What is more important than the health of a corporation?

Not much really. How important is your health to your own personal services corporation…..YOU?

It is of the utmost importance!

There is a famous quote that goes like this: “without health, money, power and fame are all MUD!”

How true this is. If you are not healthy and running at 100% mentally and physically your personal service corporation will suffer:

You will have more sick days at work. If your health is compromised can you enjoy life with your children and spouse?

Your mind will not be as alert as it could be and your productivity will suffer regardless of what services you provide to whom.

Therefore it makes sense that your mental and physical health should be your #1 priority.

Here is the big question. “Are your mental and physical health your top priority in life?”

I am willing to bet that many of you answered “NO.”

Here is something I see all the time:

Bob goes to work everyday. He is busy, busy, busy! He gets home late everyday. He gets up early everyday.  He spends zero time maintaining the health of his personal services corporation…himself.

He is falling apart, he has migraines, his joints ache from arthritis, he can’t sleep at night, he is in a mental fog from taking painkillers everyday.

Do you know anybody like this?  I bet you do!

Their mistake is so glaringly obvious yet they do not see it.

They spend virtually ZERO time on maintaining the mental and physical health of their own body, their personal service corporation’s most important asset.

They spend more money on maintaining their cars then they do on maintaining their own bodies.

What should Bob be doing?

Bob should be MAKING time to perform the tasks needed to maintain “HIS” body. Bob should join a gym and workout every morning. Bob should eat healthy everyday. (no fast foods, no fried foods, protein from lean sources like fish, broiled chicken, more vegetables and salads)

Bob should read books on how to keep the machine known as his body running at full capacity. There is nothing more complicated then the human body….if you think fast foods and poor nutrition combined with a sedentary lifestyle will keep this machine running like a Ferrari you are VERY, VERY wrong!

One day mother nature will let you know with a myriad of maladies that will make your life miserable.

If you are reading this you have a choice.

It matters not what your age is.

The body is an incredible regenerating machine, there is almost no degree of poor health that cannot
be reversed.  

I know!

When I was 26 years old “I WAS BOB!”

One book saved my life. (It is no longer published otherwise I would tell you the title)

I read it and applied the techniques, I changed my diet, I changed my lifestyle, I changed my habits. “The wheels of nature turn slowly but they grind exceedingly fine.”

Remember that quote always.

The human body is an amazing healing machine, it can recover from almost any condition, even at an advanced age!

I went from being a sickly 26 year old young man who had so many health problems he could not even count them, to a healthy person who rarely got sick. It took more then a year but it saved my life.

If this message hits home decide to change right now!

Decide to be a champion right now!

Decide to become the most successful personal services corporation that ever walked this planet!

Most importantly know this……

You can do it…..I know you can.

You will have help….I am always here!

It is your destiny to do it!

I love Dan’s career advice about thinking of yourself as a personal services corporation and paying attention to your personal corporate heath.  I sometimes pay too little attention to my corporate health.  I am going to change that this year.

The common sense career success coach point here is simple.  Successful people are like high performing corporations.  They take care of their personal corporate health.  They follow the career advice in Success Tweet 91.  “The better you fell, the better you’ll perform.  Live a healthy lifestyle.  Eat well.  Exercise regularly.  Get regular checkups.”  You don’t have to be a fitness junky to become a high performer.  But choosing to make wise decisions about things like diet and exercise can make a big difference in your health and career success.  If you take care of yourself you’ll be more likely to become a high performer, and high performance is a key to creating the life and career success you want and deserve.

That’s Dan Robey’s career advice on the relationship between your health and your career success.  I think it is great career advice.  How about you?  Please take a minute to share your thoughts about Dan’s ideas by leaving a comment on this post.  As always, thanks for reading my career advice.


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