3 Gifts Your Boss and Colleagues Will Enjoy

Retirements, birthdays and special occasions; it’s always tricky trying to decide what to buy for the people you work with, especially your boss.

You want to guarantee a great present, and you also want to stay or get in your boss’s good books. You also want to be the guy who gives great presents. Nothing says office popularity more than that, right?  You don’t need an MBA to come up with a great gift.

So, if you’re struggling with ideas for gifts in the workplace, then keep reading and get out your wallet. You’ll be full of inspiration in no time. And who knows, that promotion that was far away on the horizon might just creep up on you sooner than you’d think!

  1. An Assortment of Teas

Everyone knows that nothing gets you through the working day more than tea and coffee. A communal present that the whole office can enjoy, fancy teas always go down well with a treat.

It’s the sort of tea that you see in shops but wouldn’t buy for yourself. You know, those teas that are a little too expensive or seem like something you’d only ever receive as a gift.

Well, there you have it. If you know it’s something you wouldn’t invest in but would love to receive as a gift, you’re on the right path to a successful work present!

There are pros in the communal kind of present too. You can buy them for the office and not feel guilty about overindulging — you bought them in the first place!

  1. An Inspirational Calendar

Let’s face it—sometimes, the workplace can get a little mundane and need a pick-me-up.  It’s always nice to have inspirational, upbeat quotes and imagery surrounding you at work. It gets you through the day and just reminds you that life is actually great. All these great quotes on a calendar can be even better — you can read positive messages every day while counting down the days until the new year!

Calendars are always good gift ideas for doctors, teachers, office workers, and workers in general. Everyone has something they need to be reminded of, be it work or personal-related. Opting to buy your boss or colleague a calendar will never be a bad idea!

Hey, why not write your birthday in it before you present it to them — what a great way to make sure you get a card or a present on your special day!

  1. A Mug

We would recommend a nice set of whiskey glasses, but that kind of gift wouldn’t be fit for the whole office.  And you need a mug to go with those fancy teas, right?

We don’t know about you, but office mugs can get pretty bleak. They get passed around the office, used and re-used again. Everyone enjoys a cup of tea or coffee throughout the working day, so why not invest in a nice shiny new mug for your favorite colleague or boss?

Everyone likes something that is personalized to them. A personalized mug means going into work knowing that your favorite mug isn’t in use and will always be there for you during your stressful “I need a coffee now!” work moments.  Listen, having your own work mug is a thing and you better believe it.

Finally, a bonus gift to consider…

T-shirts are always nice gifts because they’re functional and comfortable and can have amazing designs. Everyone has a favorite thing from pop culture and getting them a shirt that refers to that show, music, videogame, or trend they love will make the gift extra special. You can start browsing for cool shirts for your colleagues and boss at this Australian clothing label that offers curated pop culture graphic tees made of ethically sourced combed cotton with designs printed using eco-friendly ink pigments.

Bottom Line

If you were struggling with what to buy your boss for their birthday or another occasion, let those fears subside and indulge in a peppermint or chamomile tea — once you’ve given them the present that is. You don’t want to be giving the boss an opened present!

A good present = you’re in the good books.


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