3 Keys to Becoming Self Confident

I was having a conversation with one of the members of my career mentoring site the other day.  She struggles with self confidence.  She asked me an interesting question, “What are the three most important things when it comes to becoming more confident.”

I though about it for a minute and said…

  • Choose to be optimistic.  It’s hard to believe in yourself if you’re a pessimist.  Self confident people believe that things will work out.  This belief gives them the energy and determination they need to do the work necessary to be successful.
  • Hang around with position people.  And get rid of the negative people in your life.  Negative people are a drain on your energy and emotions.  Do your best to avoid them.  If you can’t avoid them (family members come to mind here), figure out what you can do to minimize their impact on you.
  • Do something.  Poor self-confidence is often a result of fear — usually fear of failing.  Action cures fear.  And, by taking action you’ll find that many times you’ll succeed.  You’ll get the job or the promotion.  Besides that, if you don’t succeed you have an opportunity to learn form your failure and do things differently the next time

These three simple things — optimism, positive people and action — will help you build your self-confidence.  And self confidence is an important key to your life and career success.

Your career mentor,


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