33 Things to Think About

I send my career mentoring members inspirational quotes every day.  I ask the to think about the message in the quote and how it applies to them.  Then I suggest that they do something that is a result of their thinking.  Recently, I cam across a blog post that contained 33 interesting quotes.

Check it out…


I urge you to think about these 33 quotes.  You’ll probably love a couple of them, like several of them and be just OK with the rest.  Focus on the ones you love.  Why do you love them?  What will you do to use their wisdom to help you move forward in your life and career?

If you get the chance, please leave a comment telling us which quotes really spoke to you, what you did as a result and how things worked out.

Your career mentor,


PS: You can become a member of my career mentor site and begin receiving my daily motivational quotes by going to www.BudBilanich.com/join and entering your information.  I hope you do.  The site is filled with useful and usable common sense advice on creating a successful and fulfilling life and career.


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