4 Daily Eye Exercises For People Who Spend a Lot of Time Working With a Computer

Most of the members of my career mentoring site are young professionals. That mean that they spend a lot of time working with a computer.  This post will give you some idea of how to manage eye strain caused by extensive computer work or gaming for many hours for games as csgo for ranking, although you can rank faster with sites as http://mycsgoboosting.com/guides/how-to-rank-up-in-csgo.

You may not realize it, but your eyes are strained with constant screen usage. The good news is that it is possible to exercise your eyes to achieve certain results, such as reducing reaction time. There are four eye exercises in particular that can reduce eye strain and leave you feeling healthier and happier.

1. Focus On Something Else

At least every 20 minutes, look away from your computer to gaze at something else for about 20 seconds. Get into a comfortable position before doing so. Take a deep breath and focus on an object close to you. Then, take a deep breath and focus on an object far away. This will relax your eye muscles and will help reduce eye fatigue. What makes this exercise convenient is that it can be performed almost anywhere, even if you’re working, gaming or visiting sites that offer elo boosting to improve in your games.

2. Imaginary Clock

This exercise requires imagination. Close your eyes and imagine that a clock is in front of you. Rotate your eyes toward the six position on the clock. Then, rotate your eyes to the 12 position. Do this several times. Then, repeat this exercise with the 3 and 9 positions. This exercise will help those who have blurry vision. Another approach is to imagine a figure-eight on its side and to trace the figure eight with your eyes.

3. Palm Your Eyes

One way to reduce eye strain is to reduce stimuli to your eyes. This can be accomplished by palming your eyes. Begin by taking a few deep breaths. Then, place your palms over your eyes and apply light pressure. Make sure that no light can pass through any gaps in your hands. While performing this exercise, breathe in deeply and think of a calming location, such as a beach. Blink freely and do not place too much pressure on your eyes.

4. Blinking

Sometimes, an action as simple as blinking more vigorously can be enough to relieve eye strain. While blinking, place your finger on your temples. Another approach is to close your eyes, pause, and then reopen them again. Then, try squeezing your eyes when you close them. It is very important to have the upper and lower eyelids make contact with each other. Avoid partial blinking, which does not achieve the same results. According to All About Eyes, heavy digital device usage causes most people to regularly blink about half as much as individuals who don’t use electronics for their jobs. This can cause painful eyestrain and lead to headaches.

If you are still not achieving the results you want, it may be best to visit an optician to eliminate more serious issues. Consider buying special computer glasses created to make long computer usage easier on the eyes. No amount of work is worth more than the health of your eyes, always stay on top of any types of aches or eyesight problems that are cause for concern.

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