4 Great Reasons to Work With a Career Mentor

Finding ways to progress towards achieving goals is one of the biggest concerns young people have when starting their careers. Many entry-level candidates think they have to do everything on their own, but they don’t realize they’re missing out on a valuable asset that can open many doors: mentorship.

Mentorships are undervalued relationships that can have a lasting and fulfilling effect on your overall career. A mentor can provide you with the knowledge and support you need to excel in your field.

But that’s not all; below are a few of the benefits of having a career mentor guiding you through various foundational aspects of your career.

1. They Help Guide You Toward Your Goals

Having a mentor that has been in your shoes will help create a realistic plan for reaching your goals. Working with someone who has faced the same challenges and made it to the other side successfully can give you the encouragement you need to keep going when times are tough.

However, you will need a mentor that has the time to commit to your growth. Finding someone interested in maintaining a long-term relationship will give you the biggest chances of success.

2. They Expand Your Network

Your relationship with your mentor will give you access to a wide network of people. They will most likely introduce you to individuals who can become potential employers or partners who will help you achieve your career goals. They might even introduce you to another mentor who will become a member of your circle.

This goes double if they’re located outside of your home country. For example, Recruitment agencies in Dubai can connect with you a mentor that can open you to connections from across the world, expanding your resources not just in the western world but globally as well.

You don’t have to limit yourself to one person to help you navigate your career. Having a group of trusted and like-minded individuals will help you grow as you reach new milestones in your career. There is no such thing as having too much support.

3. They Provide Honest Feedback

Identifying personal strengths and weaknesses is essential for growth. Your mentor can help you identify your professional strengths and provide honest feedback on your performance that can help you improve.

You might want someone who always praises your strengths while ignoring the areas that could be improved, but that will only hinder your development of necessary skills.  Having someone you trust critique how you conduct yourself can make it easier to make beneficial changes.

Your mentor will also hold you accountable. It’s easier to make responsible choices when you know someone is counting on you to succeed.

4. They Increase Your Chances of Securing Promotions

Asking for a raise or a promotion is daunting for even the most qualified people. When it comes time to have that conversation with your boss, your mentor can give you tips on navigating the conversation. Their guidance can empower you to negotiate for the raise or benefits that you deserve.

Statistics have shown that individuals who received help from a mentor were more likely to get a raise or a promotion sooner than peers who did not work with a mentor. Mentees were also more likely to become a mentor themselves, especially in places where diversity is a priority.

Final Thoughts

A good mentor will guide you in your personal and professional development as you move forward in your career. Sometimes it takes a little help from someone you trust to realize your full potential.

And it’s never too late to find a mentor who is willing to support someone working toward the same goals they once had on their road to success. You can benefit from having a mentor whether you’re just starting in your career or have been established in your profession but need help to get higher up the ladder.

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