4 Health Tips for Being at Your Best at Work

Want to be at your best and your most productive every time you’re at work? It’s not just a matter of giving it your all. You need to be healthy to achieve maximum efficiency on the job, and your habits outside work will have a significant impact on how healthy you are. There are a few important tips you should keep in mind that will ensure you’re an effective employee, day in and day out.

Plan and Prep Your Meals for the Work Week

If you want to eat healthy on a consistent basis without spending exorbitant amounts of money, then you need to make your own meals made of nutritious, natural foods. However, this gets time-consuming, and you may find yourself tempted to hit the drive-thru after a long day at the office.

The simplest solution is to make a meal plan for your breakfasts, lunches and dinners every week. Cook up enough portions of each to last you a full week, and then store them in plastic containers or glass dishes. Then, you’ll have healthy meals that you just grab and warm up when you want to eat them. You won’t need to grab fast food for lunch or skip breakfast because you’re running late.

Get Your Vitamins and Nutrients

Even though you get plenty of vitamins and nutrients when you eat the right foods, there could still be areas where you’re deficient. For example, vitamin D deficiency is common among adults, in part because of how much time people spend inside and how little sunlight they get. This can lead to fatigue and even muscular pain.

You can give yourself a boost and fix up any deficient areas by taking the right supplements. If you’re one of those with a vitamin D deficiency, taking it in pill form once a day will solve the problem. You can find out if you’re missing any nutrients by getting a comprehensive blood panel done, or simply consider what your diet could be missing. Read Vasayo reviews or reviews from similar companies to figure out which supplements work best for you.

Get Moving At Least Once Every Day

Spending your entire day sitting in a chair at work and later at home on the couch can lead to a host of health issues. You need physical activity to stay in shape. It’s not just good for your body, as exercise can also improve how your brain functions.

It’s not what you do that’s important, it’s that you do something every day. That could be a brisk 20-minute walk during your lunch break, or an hour lifting weights after work every day. Find physical activities that you enjoy and it will never be a chore to do them.

Make Sure You Sleep Enough Every Night

It’s common to cut back on sleep when your schedule gets hectic. Even though you may feel like you can push through your work day on insufficient sleep, you certainly won’t be performing at a high level. If you’re not getting at least six or seven hours per night, you’re not getting enough, and eight is ideal.

Getting enough sleep is all about setting a schedule and sticking to it. Find ways to relax before bed, such as reading or meditation, so that you fall asleep more quickly.

The nice thing about following all these tips is that they won’t just make you a better employee, they’ll improve your entire life. When you’re healthier and sleeping the recommended amount, you’ll feel sharper and more alert, plus you’ll be in a better mood.

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