4 Steps for Overcoming Your Fears

Yesterday’s post was about overcoming procrastination.  At the end of the post I mentioned something that members of my career mentoring site have heard many times: procrastination is the physical manifestation of fear.

This morning, I received an email about fear.  Here’s what it said in part…

Society forces three big fears on us that act to suppress success:

  • The first fear is “I am unworthy. I am insufficient, I am not enough.”
  • The second fear is “If I screw up, I will be alone.
  • The third fear is “I am unsafe, I can be harmed, I cannot trust others to support me.”

To that list, I would add fear of failure and fear of rejection.

How do you best fear?  Here are my four steps…

  1. Identify your fear. It can be any of the fears mentioned above, or something else.  The important thing is to figure out what scares you and is stopping you from moving forward in your life and career.
  2. Admit it. It’s OK to be afraid.  We all have fears.  Successful people are honest with themselves.  Be willing to admit your fears to yourself, and then…
  3. Accept it. As I’ve said, it’s OK to be afraid.  Accept your fears.  Embrace them.  Tell yourself, “This scares the hell out of me, but that’s OK.  I’m going to beat it.”
  4. Take action. I have found that identifying, admitting to and accepting your fears is a liberating process.  Once you have gone through the first three steps, you’ll be more prepared to take on your fears, to banish them and become truly successful.  In most cases, things will work out and you’ll find that your fears were unwarranted.  When things don’t work out, you’ll find that the old saw, “Failure is seldom fatal” is true.

Remember, procrastination is the physical manifestation of fear.  The next time you find yourself procrastinating follow the four steps above and you’ll be on your way to a successful conclusion.

Your career mentor,


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