4 Tips to Develop Your Employer Brand

Branding is critical for every part of your business. Most companies know that their brand is important to sales and to connect with consumers, but they are less aware that this brand can impact hiring and recruiting. Your employer brand is just as important as your overall branding efforts and it can make the difference between a brand that hires top talent and one that misses out.

If you have been struggling to get the right talent hired onto your teams, you probably need to look at your employer branding processes. There are many easy fixes to your branding efforts that can make your business far more interesting to potential new employees before they even apply for jobs. If you want to make a big difference in your hiring processes, you need to consider your brand first and foremost.

If you are ready to learn more about the tips that can help you to develop your employer branding, you need to read on!

Tips to Help You Develop Your Employer Branding

1.       Connect Yourself to a Cause

More and more people are not willing to work for companies that do not stand for things that they believe in. If your business is not involved in philanthropy or some other form of social cause, it can negatively impact your overall success as a business in many ways. Being connected to important causes is very critical to getting new hires to be invested right away and interested in working with you for the long term.

There are so many different causes to pick from that you will not have trouble finding a way to make your business work hard for others. If you want to give some of your proceeds to end world hunger or you make products for a reduced price that are sold to places that need them at cost, for example, there are ways to connect to important causes. Everyone who is looking for a job these days is looking to work with a company that will make them proud to be a team member.

2.       Make it Clear you Value Employees

The days of being able to just offer jobs to people and expect them to be happy with what they have gotten are over. Companies must show that they are ready and willing to invest in their employees if they want people to be eager to accept their hiring offers. Companies that are clear that they will help employees to progress and advance their skills are always more successful than companies that are not willing to make this kind of promise.

Valuing your employees is a critical part of any business’s overall success and you will get your own benefits from this effort. Employees who feel valued will be inclined to stay with your business and work there over the long haul which is really good for both of you. Being sure that your company’s information that is posted in job listings is clear about advancement and investment in employees is critical to your overall employer branding success.


3.       Make Things Personal

No one wants to get a form letter-style email that says that an interview is being scheduled for them and no one wants to feel like just another number on the list of things to do each day. Making sure that you take the time to speak to future hires with personalized outreach is critical to your brand’s success. This can add some time to interactions that you conduct between potential hires and your HR team, but it is well worth the time and effort to personalize the outreach that you offer.

People will be much more likely to take your job offers if they feel that you know them and want them to feel at home working for you. Taking the time to talk to them in a way that indicates that you think of them as unique people is critical to the overall success of your employer branding efforts. Making things personal and special can make all the difference in your employer branding success.

4.       Make Benefits Clear

People who are looking for jobs are not just interested in the salary that they will be offered. They will also want to know what they will get on the benefits side of the equation. Flextime, healthcare, and other benefits are critical to your overall employer branding efforts and you cannot neglect to mention these parts of your hiring offers in advance of interviews.

Applicants need to be able to tell that your brand cares about their well-being and show them upfront what they can count on as far as benefits can do just that. You cannot offer boring and dry job postings anymore and hope to get top talent interested. Make it clear that you will offer more than just a living wage to the people who join your team and you will have a much more consistent hiring experience due to this superior branding effort.

Employer Branding is Critical to Company Success


Having your consumer-side branding correct is important for your business, but having your employer branding on point matters just as much. Your company’s reputation will be based partly on the employer branding efforts that you have put together to help attract new talent. If you do not have an employer brand or you have not made it clear what your brand stands for, you need to address this issue before you start trying to hire anyone new.

Employer branding is the missing link in many missed hiring opportunities and companies of all sizes and kinds are often not aware that employer branding is so important. You will want to be sure that you take the time to pull together a quality employer brand before you create job postings and offer information about your open positions. This employer brand that you are crafting is the difference between hiring the most talented people in your industry and missing out on skilled hires that can really elevate your teams.


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