42 Rules Every Leader Should Know and Follow

I just read 42 Rules for Your New Leadership Role.  Then I reread it.  This book is dynamite!

Author Pam Fox Rollin gets it about leadership, and how to transition into your new leadership role.  The book is easy to read — and use.  Its format, 42 short essays on making the transition to leadership, makes it a valuable resource for new and experienced leaders.  It is the very best “how to” guide for leaders I’ve come across — and I’ve read a ton of leadership books.

I particularly like Rule 4, “Draft Your Strategic One-Pager.”  Rollin’s advice, “Summarize you company’s strategy and your team’s role,” is solid, but often overlooked common sense.  She asks some thought provoking questions and suggests that the reader answer them in a one page summary.

Rule 15, “Show People How to Work With You,” is another great piece of common sense leadership advice.  Rollin says, “Often new leaders neglect to tell their people what they want, and then are frustrated when they don’t get it.”  This is right out of Performance Management 101, but many leadership don’t follow this advice.  Successful leaders make it easy for people to work with and for them.

Rule 30, “Grow More Leaders,” is another of my favorites.  In my experience Rollin is correct when she says, “If you develop a reputation as a great boss, you’ll have a steady supply of great people who want to work for you.”  People flock to leaders who have a track record of growing subordinates and getting them promoted.  I love her advice on championing your people: simple but powerful ideas like “bring them to meetings” and “speak well of them.”

Every one of the 42 rules in this book contains terrific advice, presented in a simple, straightforward manner.  The book is better for the personal stories Rollin shares throughout.  By the way, she follows her own advice.  Rule 21 is “Tell a Good Story.”

42 Rules for Your New Leadership Role is a must read for new and experienced leaders. Do yourself a favor.  Get a copy, read it and put its common sense advice to work.

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