5 Ideas for Getting Out of a Dead End Job

At one point, you may have been excited about the job you have today but as you grew as a person and as time went on, you may have found your job isn’t exactly what you want it to be anymore. If you feel your job or position is sucking out your soul and you have no room for advancement, it may be time to get out of your dead-end job. Making the transition can feel like a huge risk, but with these five tips you can make the move a little more planned.

Don’t Expect a Quick Fix

It’s going to be hard to quit your job in 30 days, and if this is your deadline, you may be stressing yourself out more than you think. Instead, set a realistic goal and figure out what you want to do. Does it involve going back to school? Do you need a certification? Figure out the steps you need to take and create a plan that makes sense. Maybe you stay on for a few more weeks, it just depends on what you want in the future and what your prospective job might require of you.

Start Working Any Hours

If you know which industry you want to break into, see if any positions exist right now. Even if it’s a job that’s only four hours per week, this will get your foot in the door while you work your dead-end job. Eventually, if you can prove yourself, this could lead to bigger and better things. Plus, it’s a great stepping stone to add to your resume.

Take Action

Your new job won’t just land in your e-mail inbox one day. Instead, you have to take action and go out there. What is it that motivates you? Do you want to become a loan officer at a large bank? Do you want to be an airline pilot for a large airline?

Realize your dream won’t come true overnight, and it’s going to take a bit of uneasiness, risk, and a lot of energy on your part.  You can always make use of plenty of resources so as to lessen the burden of changing careers. At the end of the day, getting into a job you like will be greatly rewarding. If you’re a young professional with a strong affinity to computer programs and tech, getting into the best software engineer jobs will need a mix of hard work, dedication and grit.

Don’t Assume

Just because you worked in one industry doesn’t mean you can’t work in another. Many skills and experience can be used elsewhere, regardless of what you think. Dig deep into your experience and try to see which skills you can transfer to your new career. Use these skills to your advantage and include them in your newly-formed resume and online profiles. Programs like Succeed At Eagle even work with new and prospective hires to be sure they are trained properly and have the tools it takes to succeed in their new position. Ask around and see if any similar programs exist in your industry.

Be Prepared

Leaping into a new job can take time, and in fact, it could take a hit on your budget or nest egg. If this is something worth investing in, be careful to plan for all the what-ifs and make sure you can afford it without sacrificing your lifestyle.

Sticking to your dead-end job can get stale fast, especially if you’re already feeling apathetic about it. As you grow old, you may find it time to move on, and that’s okay. Pay attention to the signals, trust your judgment, and if you feel your new calling is right, then it more than likely is.


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