5 Tips for Delivering WOW in a Job Interview

People often ask for interviewing advice.  Members of my career mentoring site have seen a lot of my thoughts on the subject.  But sometimes a different perspective can be helpful.  That’s why I turned to  Eva Wislow is a career coach from Pittsburgh, my old home town. She sent me her five best tips for interviewing.  Check out what Eva has to say…

According to Louise Smith, a career development professional at CareersBooster, the most common thing the candidates lack during interviews is self-confidence. “I can tell whether a job hunter is ready for a position or not one moment after they enter the room. The body language, voice tone, choice of words, and even the clothes… everything speaks about the way they feel about the job. Some candidates lack self-confidence, but I can still see their potential and I give them a chance. Most of the time, however, the insecurity ruins the impression.”

Now, let’s get to business: how do you get confident enough to impress the recruiters during interviews? Keep reading, we’ll suggest 5 ways for succeeding at a interview.

  1. The Fitting Test

What will give you the most confident attitude during the interview? A simple realization: you belong there.

Does a particular position answer your needs for professional and personal development? Is it in compliance with your beliefs and aspirations to social responsibility? Do you have the needed skills and experience for it?

Only when you believe that you would fit right into the team and the company’s values, you’ll get the motivation and confidence to shine at the interview. You’ll be able to give all the right answers, and a good recruiter will notice your passion. A new job is all about making steps towards a happier future. Thus, you should send applications only to the positions that meet your standards.

  1. Be Prepared!

The confusion starts when the interviewer asks something like: “What do you know about the current projects of our company. How do you think we can upgrade them?”

Before you show up at the interview, you have to research the potential employer, as well as the industry. First of all, you need to know everything there is to know about the position. Read the job description very carefully, and think about answering this question: how well do you meet the requirements? How do your qualifications answer the needs of this employer?

If it’s possible to find out who the interviewer will be, research their LinkedIn profile and try to find other information about their interests.

Don’t forget to get informed about the current projects of the organization you want to work for. If you show you understand the industry and you can contribute towards the company’s growth, you’ll definitely land the job.

  1. Dress Appropriately

Here’s an enlightening piece of information for you: maybe looks shouldn’t be important, but it is!

When you enter the room, your appearance gives out a lot, and it helps the interviewer form the first impression. If that impression is bad, it will take a great deal of effort for you to improve it. If it’s good, you can build up on that spark.

If you show up in sleek, clean clothes that are appropriate for the organization’s dress code, you’ll seem like someone who would fit right in. Pick the right clothes, shoes, hair, accessories, and makeup!

  1. Stay Focused

The interviewer won’t care about a missed train or busy traffic. Leave early and get there on time!

Before you leave, have a healthy breakfast that will keep you energized. Try to stay away from arguments and any other kind of stress.

When you enter the interviewer’s office, be as focused as possible. Pay attention to all questions and give precise, on-point answers.

  1. Ask the Right Questions

This is usually the last question an interviewer asks: “Do you have any questions for me?” No is the wrong answer! Make sure to prepare a list of few questions before showing up at the interview. That will prove you’re there to find a job that suits your requirements.

If you didn’t discuss finances, now is the right time to ask. The interviewer knows you’re interested in money. They expect this question, and you’ll show your self-confidence when you ask it. If the pay was mentioned in the job ad, then don’t ask about it. Don’t ask questions whose answers you could easily get from a basic research.

Here are few suggestions for questions you could ask:

  • How long will it take for you to make the decision?
  • What’s next after this interview?
  • When should I expect a call?
  • What is a typical day like for someone in this position?

A successful interview depends on the level of healthy self-confidence you show. The 5 tips represented above will help you get there!

This is some great advice on interviewing from Eva Wislow.  Put it to work in your next interview.  You’ll be glad you did.

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