5 Things You Need to Do When You Start a New Job

Congratulations! You just got an offer for your dream job. But as I tell members of my career mentoring site, it’s important to get off to a good start in your new job if you want your career to flourish. Here are my five best tips on how to make the most of your first few weeks in a new job.

Meet With Your Boss to Clarify Expectations

Do this the first week you’re on the job. Schedule a time to sit down with your boss to get a very clear idea of how he or she sees your role and his or her immediate expectations of you. Also, you’ll want to ask how he or she want so interact with you – email updates, face to face conversations? Your boss can be your biggest ally. Build a strong relationship with him or her early on.

Get to Know the Culture

Every organization has a culture and it’s important for you to understand it so that you can fit in. This means that you need to pay attention – keep your eyes and ears open. How do people dress? Do people drop in to visit with one another? Do they schedule appointments with colleagues and bosses? Do they communicate via phone, or via email? Do people gather in the break area to share a cup of coffee or do they grab their drink and head right back to their desk? Do people come early? Do they stay late? Watch how people behave and do your best to fit in.

Get to Know Your Coworkers

Your first weeks can be a blur of new faces. After you’ve been introduced to people, find the time to get to know them – including the administrative professionals who make any organization run smoothly. Depending on the culture, drop by other folk’s work areas to chat – about what they’re working on and their life outside of work. If it’s not appropriate to just drop by, schedule a time to meet to get to know your colleagues. Remember that you’re joining an ongoing operation. Some people may reach out to you. Many won’t – not because they’re unfriendly, but because they’re busy. It’s up to you to build relationships when you’re new in a job.

Take Time to Understand Why Things Are the Way They Are

Most things in organizations happen for a reason – sometimes not the best reason – but nevertheless for a reason. Take time to understand the history of your company or department. Ask questions about why things are done the way they are. Don’t come across as the know-it-all who is there to set things right. Establish yourself as a team player before you begin suggesting improvements. Never point out problems without offering a solution to them.

Ask for Feedback

Schedule regular check-ins with your boss. I suggest asking for monthly meetings for the first six months you’re on the job. In this way, you’ll either stay on track, or get back on track quickly and easily.

Put these five tips to work and you’ll get off to a great start in your new job.

Your career mentor,


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