6 Confidence Boosting Tips

My career mentoring clients know that I am a big believer in the importance of self confidence.  The January 2015 issue on SUCCESS Magazine has a little piece by Denis Waitley on how to boost your confidence.  Check it out…

  1. Greet others with a smile and look them directly in the eye to convey confidence born of self respect.
  2. Always show real appreciation for a gift or compliment.  Don’t downplay expressions of affection or honor from others.
  3. Don’t brag.  A confident person is genuinely modest.
  4. Don’t make your problems the centerpiece of your conversation.  Talk positively about your life and the progress you’re trying to make.  Be aware of negative thinking and take notice of how often you complain.
  5. Respond to difficult times by increasing your level of productive activity.  Don’t sit around and fall victim to paralysis by analysis.
  6. Choose to see mistakes and rejections as opportunities to learn.  Failure might result from something you’ve done — and your might fail again.  But failure doesn’t define you.

Three points jumped out at me when I read Denis’ six tips. First, I love the word “choose” at the beginning of the sixth tip.  While we can’t always control what happens to use, we can control how we choose to respond to what happens.

Second, don’t downplay a compliment.  Confident people respond to compliments by simply saying, “thank you.  I appreciate your kind words.”

Third, I liked the idea of avoiding paralysis by analysis.  I tell my career mentoring clients that procrastination is the physical manifestation of fear.  Over analyzing a situation is a form of procrastination.  Do something — you will build your confidence simply by taking action.

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