6 Ways Business Websites Can Provide More Value to Visitors

Your business website is a direct extension of your company and service offerings. It’s not just there to sell items but to offer value to those who visit. Here are a few ways you can position your website in a way that it can provide more value to those visitors, outside of just being a sales platform.

Your Content Should Be Evergreen

As a business website, there is real value in educating your customers. Not only will this lead to them making smarter purchasing decisions, leading to less returns or comebacks after their purchases have been made, but it also positions your business as an expert and authority in your field and builds trust and rapport with those visitors. Including a blog or tutorials with content that doesn’t age or get out of date means that the content will continue to provide value for a long time. You can do this by offering content on topics that don’t change or evolve all that often.

If your product line-ups change often, include the product information on the product page and stick to other topics on your blogs. If you can go back to a blog post or article on your website from three years ago and it still holds value, you’re doing it right.

Create Video to Compliment Your Products

Video is an important component on the modern web, and often people will opt to watch a video of something instead of reading an article. Websites that educate their customers using a lot of visual aids are likely to be noticed and receive repeat visitors. Creating value adds like this will also lead to establishing your brand as an authority and a brand that can be trusted and looked up to. This can only lead to more sales and interactions with your brand – and even your content being shared on social media.

Offer User Reviews

Today’s average internet user and online consumer loves to be able to give their opinions on the products or services that online stores have provided them. Offer your customers incentives via discounts to come back and leave a review on your website and encourage them to be honest about their experiences with you or your products. These reviews are useful for more than just product ratings as people will share their specific experiences using a product in a certain way, which other users with the same intentions will see.

Perhaps less valuable to potential customers is to have testimonials available. If you receive positive feedback from your customers or business partners, post them as testimonials on your website for visitors to read. Don’t be afraid to ask your more loyal customers for a testimonial.

Be Accessible

This is going to sound like an obvious inclusion but making your website easy to get to with a great domain name that is directly related to your company name is vital. Try and secure both the .com and the local top-level domain name so that users who look for your site by domain are likely to find it. Keep the domain name short and easy too and avoid those long, complicated domain names or novelty domain extensions. Potential customers aren’t going to spend very long looking for your website before moving on.

Make Your Website Responsive

Nothing is going to make visitors to your website navigate away from it quite as quickly as if it doesn’t display well on the screen they’re using to visit it. Responsive design is imperative on the internet today with all the different screen sizes and orientations that internet users are going to be using. Without this responsive design, your website has no value at all because nobody wants to (or is likely going to) struggle to use your website.

Offer a Mailing List

There’s real value in having access to your customers even when they aren’t on your website. You have the attention of your visitors for the entire time they’re on your website, but once they leave, your ability to market your products or offer value is lost. By offering your customers a mailing list, you have both a marketing link and a value-add link directly to these customers. If you are going to offer a mailing list, however, don’t make it a pure sales brochure. Offer the same articles and blog posts that you have on your website delivered directly to their inbox to keep your subscribers engaged with your content.

As you can see, providing solid, lasting advice, building social proof by including user reviews and just adding a good number of reasons for users to spend some time on your business site – or even return to it – means your brand is spending time front and center. Your customers are likely to remember your brand if you are adding value to their online experience and that means word of mouth and repeat business.

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