How to Make a Powerful First Impression via eMail

Your career success depends, in large part, on your ability to make connections and build relationships.  That means that you have to be personable.

Often, the first contact you will have with someone comes through email.  As the article below points out, you can blow it with your salutation.

I agree — “To Whom It May Concern” really sucks as a salutation.  So does, “Dear Sir or Madam.”

You need to take the time to learn your contact’s name and address him or her accordingly.

This takes time and effort, but time and effort are necessary to create the life and career success you want and deserve.

So do your homework — spend the time it takes to identify the name of the person with whom you are corresponding — you’ll be ahead of the game and brand yourself as personal and personable.  This is especially true when it comes to cover letters that accompany resumes.

Do the work, reap the rewards.

Your career mentor,


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