Are You Gritty Enough for Success?

I often find material for this career mentor blog in movies.

Did you ever see the movie “True Grit” — the original with John Wayne or the remake with Jeff Bridges? Both of those guys did a great job playing Rooster Cogburn, a tough guy who helps a little girl.  The little girl asks for his help because she has heard that he is a man of true grit — and he was.

You need to develop some grit yourself if you want to create the life and career success you deserve.

The article below delves into the idea of grit and why it’s necessary for your success.

JT O’Donnell, founder of Career HMO has a great acronym for grit.

  • Guts
  • Resilience
  • Integrity
  • Tenacity

Guts — you need the courage to go for your dreams — knowing that you might fail.

Resilience — you have to bounce back from your failures — learning what you can and using it to move forward.

Integrity — you have to stay true to yourself and your values — do what you say you’ll do, even if it’s difficult or unpopular.

Tenacity — you have to stick with it, keep working even when you aren’t seeing immediate returns.

Become a person of true grit, and you’ll succeed in your life and career successjourney.

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