7 Blogs to Follow to Become a Better Writer

I have been blogging for about 15 years.  I encourage my readers to blog as a way of establishing themselves in their field.  Many folks tell me though, that they don’t write well enough to blog.  I answer that writing is like anything else.  You have to work at it to get good.

So, what makes for an excellent writer? Is it the talent to write, the hours spent in front of the laptop or empty paper, or is there something else?

The answer is – none of the above. In order to be a great writer, you need to possess a combination three things. First, you need the writing talent to turn your thoughts into words.

Secondly, you need the dedication and time to devote to creating a perfect piece of writing.

And finally, you need the experience.

The first is something you are born with, while the second one is a character trait. However, the third is actually something you build step by step.

One of the best ways to build writing experience and learn the tricks of becoming a successful writer is by learning from others. There are things you cannot learn by only writing on your own. Sometimes the best way to boost your writing skills is if you follow the latest trends in the writing world.

To help you achieve this, my friends at Scholar Advisor  have created an insightful infographic that will show you which are the top 7 blogs you simply must bookmark and follow if you want to learn the latest trends of modern writing.

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