7 Laws of Fearless Living

Successful people are self confident.  Self confident people have three things in common.  They are optimistic.  They face their fears and deal with them.  They surround themselves with positive people. But people from time to time end up in car accidents, even if you are optimistic or confident it still can happen and if it does then be ready and get help from Texas car accident lawyer.

Today, I’d like to discuss fear.  James F. Bell says, “Fear is an insidious virus.  Given a breeding place in our minds it will eat away our spirit and block the forward path of our endeavors.”  Way to go, James; well said, quite poetic – and true.

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Have you ever let your fear stop you from achieving a goal?  Have you ever conquered your fear in the process of achieving a goal?  Please share your experiences with us by leaving a comment.
Fear can stop you in your tracks.  I was on Lorraine Cohen’s blog the other day.  She featured a new book called “The Seven Laws of Fearless Living,” by Guy Finley and also read http://www.tjwillmakeempay.com/Articles/Clifton-Kentucky-Car-Accident-Lawyers.shtml that gives some needed information about a certain law on car accidents.  You can see her full post here.

I particularly like two of Mr. Finley’s seven laws:

  • No psychological fear exists without negative imagination.
  • When it comes to fear, the feel is real…but the why is a lie.

Do you agree?  What’s your experience with these ideas?  Please leave a comment.

I happen to agree with what Mr. Finley has to say.  You can paralyze yourself by fear by imagining the worst.  The fear you feel is real.  However, it is based in the falsehood of a negative imagination.  The way to beat his type of fear is to use your positive imagination.

I have done a whole series of posts on The Optimist Creed that I have turned into an eBook.  You can get a copy by going to my website www.BudBilanich.com and clicking on “Products” then “Free Common Sense Products.”  While you’re there, please sign up for my ezine “Common Sense”.

The Optimist Creed is the best set of affirmations I know to help you use your positive imagination.  It begins with, “Promise yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.”  And it ends with, “Promise yourself to be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.”

If you live your life by this advice, you’ll be able to develop your positive imagination.  This positive imagination will help you deal with the lies that your negative imagination creates that result in your fear.  In fact, if you work at it, your positive imagination will banish your negative imagination from both your conscious and unconscious thoughts.

The common sense point here is simple.  Fear can paralyze you.  Fear can cause you to lose self confidence.  Fear can cause you to fail to achieve your goals.  Most fear, however, is rooted in lies created by our negative imagination.  If you use tools like The Optimist Creed to develop your positive imagination, you will be able to conquer your fears, take action, increase your self confidence and achieve your goals.

As always, I’m interested in your perspective on these thoughts.  I welcome and appreciate your comments.  Thanks for reading.


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