7 Tips for Crafting an Incredible Resume

Are you tired of never getting a callback? Are you ready to revamp your resume and jolt your job history back to life? Here are seven tips for making the most out of all the parts of your resume and writing a top-notch, high-quality resume.

1. Put All Your Details In Your Overview

Many people waste their overview by describing themselves in generic terms or saying something cliché like they’re “seeking new challenges.” Instead of being boring and predictable, use your overview to deliver a short personal profile that highlights the most important parts of your resume. For example, you might describe yourself as “a state-certified RNA with six years of experience in clinical rotations.”

2. Format It Well

The average resume gets scanned for less than 10 seconds before hiring managers decide whether or not to give the applicant a chance. This means that it’s absolutely critical for your resume to be readable. Put wide spaces in the margins; use lists and bullet points whenever you can; break up your large areas of text with headings, subheadings and bolded fonts.

3. Don’t Get Fancy

There’s absolutely no reason to fiddle with fonts and font colors. For any non-creative job, a creative resume is just asking to be thrown in the trash because of a lack of professionalism. Keep your text black on a white background, and don’t mess around with looping fonts or weirdly-spaced formatting. You want employers to take you seriously as a candidate.

4. Offer Comprehensive Contact Information

Your contact information should be bolded and placed at the very top of your resume. Things like your name, address and phone number are typical, but depending on the position for which you’re applying, you might also include an email address, a fax number or even social media information. If you’re hoping to join an advertising firm, for example, an active Twitter might showcase your skills.

5. Use the Same Buzzwords as the Job Description

If you’re answering a job description you found online, pay close attention to how the position is described and what kind of qualifications the hiring manager is looking for in applicants. You can drop these same phrases into your resume to not only create a positive feedback loop but also to make sure that your resume isn’t eliminated from computer software scanning it for keywords.

6. Put Everything in Chronological Order

This applies most to your work history, of course, but it should also be done with educational experience and lists of skills. What you’ve accomplished most recently should be right at the top because it’s the most relevant. If hiring managers are seriously interested in your resume, they’ll keep reading even beyond that to see the nitty-gritty of everything else.

7. Look at Templates

If you aren’t sure how to craft a high-impact resume, find a template for success. You can look at something like a Shahram Shirkhani resume to see how the professionals do it. You might also look for resumes for people specifically in your field, noting which phrases appear again and again and what kind of tone is most appropriate for your desired position.

These are just seven tips for constructing an amazing resume. Remember, you have less than 10 seconds to make a favorable impression, so take your time and put all your ducks in a row.


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