8 MIstakes to Avoid in Your Job Hunt

I have a very close relationship with the folks at Career HMO.  For my money, they consistently provide the best, most up-to-date and easy to use ideas on finding a job. They have just released a new video series in which they highlight the 8 most common reasons people have a difficult time finding a job. You can see the entire series here. http://careerhmo.com/8-ways-job-seekers-shut-out-hiring-process/ If you fall victim to an of the eight problems outlined in the videos, you’ll have a tough time landing the job of your dreams.

  • Problem#1 – Job Boards Don’t Work
  • Problem#2 – The ATS is Broken (What is an ATS and how does it affect my job search?)
  • Problem#3- Companies Want Specialists
  • Problem#4 – No Network at Dream Companies
  • Problem#5 – Cover Letters are Redundant
  • Problem#6 – Resume is Overdone
  • Problem#7 – LinkedIn Profile Not Optimized
  • Problem#8 – Failure to Validate in the Interview

Relying on job boards is the biggest mistake that most of my career mentoring clients are making when they come to me.  Once I help them get over that hurdle, they move ahead quickly in their job search. Do yourself a favor — get the video series, watch it and put its ideas to work. Your career mentor, Bud http://careerhmo.com/8-ways-job-seekers-shut-out-hiring-process/

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