8 Things That Lead to a Longer, Healthy, Happier Life and Career

I saw a piece in the New York Times the other day that listed eight skills to help you feel happy, calm and satisfied in your life.  Happy, calm, and satisfied people are more successful in thier lives and careers.

Here are the eight skills.  Learn and practice them…

  • Look for and recognize a positive event every day.
  • Savor that positive event and tell someone about it.
  • Start a daily gratitude journal.  Write in it frequently.
  • Take stock of your personal strengths and how you use them.
  • Set attainable goals and keep track of your progress towards them.
  • Pay attention to what stresses you.  Figure out how to reappraise these situations positively.
  • Practice small acts of kindness.  Recognize others who are kind towards you.
  • Be mindful.  Focus on the here and now, rather than the past or future.

I do my best to use these eight skills every day.  Some days I do better than others.

Put these skills to work in your life and you’ll find yourself more at peace, less stressed and more happy, you can also be healthy by following a effective weight loss program to improve your body and life. Happy people are successful people.

Good luck!

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