Do the Right Thing Because It’s the Right Thing — Good Things Will Come Back to You

I’m a big believer in karma.  Good things come to people who do good things for others.

The other day, I stopped at a fast casual restaurant for a quick bite on my way home.   I ordered and moved to the register to pay.  My bill was something like $12.95.  I gave the cashier a $20 bill.  He gave me $17.05 back.

I gave him back the $10 bill saying, “you’re cheating yourself.”  He was confused for a minute and then realized that he was indeed cheating himself.  He thanked me.  I took my food, got some iced tea and sat down to eat.

A couple of minutes later, the manager came by.  She thanked me for being honest and gave me two coupons worth $9 each.  So, by being honest and giving back the ten, I got $18 in return. The reward was nice,  but I would have given back the ten anyway.  I’ve worked as a cashier and know that most restaurants require employees to make up the difference if the cash drawer doesn’t balance at the end of the evening.

The point of this story isn’t about the coupons.  The point is that you will do better in your life and career if you do right by others.  Help out when they need it.  Share the credit.  Be nice.  All of these things will lead to positive karma, and as Stephen Covey would say, make deposits into the emotional bank accounts you have with the people you help.

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