Why You Should Consider Getting a Masters Degree

In their iconic song, “Life During Wartime” David Byrne and Talking Heads asked these questions: “Why go to college? Why go to night school?”  I think there are some pretty good reasons.  Members of my career mentoring site will tell you that I’m a big believer in the power of formal education.  People told me that, at age 30, I was crazy to walk away from a well paid job with a large company to begin my doctoral studies at Harvard. As it turns out that was one of the best career decisions I ever made.

In this post, guest author Anita Ginsberg explains why getting a Masters Degree can help you in your career.  Check it our…

Today’s competitive job market requires that job candidates possess specialized skills, advanced knowledge and exclusive industrial insight. With all that in mind there are only few routes to go to achieve all of these requisites. A master’s degree provides benefits for both your career and personal life. Take a look at how going this route towards a higher education can help boost your career.

Specialized Skills

Master degree programs allow students to focus on specific skills and develop expertise in specific areas. This means that HR professionals can specialize in employee relations, organizational development and strategic planning. However, accountants may choose between auditing, corporate taxation and forensic accounting. Master’s degree programs offer the core competencies that are necessary to become supervisors and decision makers in every industry.

Expanded Knowledge

Master degree programs also allow students to expand their general knowledge base. This is especially useful for individuals who are switching or advancing careers. For instance, a computer programmer who is forced to enter a related field, such as web design or development, may use a master’s degree to ensure their career stability. On the other hand, a supervisor who wants to take on more responsibilities can prove their competence through an MBA in leadership or project management.


Most job openings receive hundreds to thousands of job applications. When it comes down to a final hiring decision, the candidate’s education level is often a deciding factor. A master’s degree demonstrates dedication, competency and professionalism. It proves that the holder not only has technical knowledge, but advanced research, analysis, synthesis and problem solving skills. It also shows prospective employers that the holder is committed to continual professional development.


Business networking is more important to graduate students than undergraduate students. This is because highly educated individuals tend to occupy important or advanced positions. Within every industry, these industries form an informal network of successful professionals who share their industry insight, talents and experience. Just taking a master’s degree program will allow the student to connect with similar professionals, who may one day provide potential employment or commercial opportunities.

Higher Salary

It is well-documented that a master’s degree in any field will increase earning potential with current and future employers. This is especially important because master degree programs require steep financial and personal commitments. They ultimate ROI for every industry is different, but students should carefully compare program costs with future earning potentials when selecting a program.

Proof of Ambition

A master’s degree, like this athletic administration Masters, is an excellent proof of ambition for older adults changing careers or younger adults attempting to enter industries with stiff competition. The diligence and dedication required by master degree programs demonstrate long-term career commitment and thirst for knowledge and professional progression.

These are some pretty compelling reasons for continuing your education.  It’s up to you, but I believe that an investment in higher education is an investment in yourself that almost always pays off.

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