9 Tips for Achieving Anything You Want

Do you want to become a successful corporate executive? Or, you want to start your very own business pursuing your passion?  Man of us share thoughts like these.

However, it is never easy to beat all the odds and chase down your dreams. Now, every day you see college dropouts becoming millionaires and revolutionizing the way we live.

You think they simply got lucky? Well not necessarily. Luck does play its part alright but there are some well-defined strategies that also come into play when it comes to achieving your goals and objectives.

#1. Focus on Commitment

Regardless of what you are intending to achieve, the first step towards success is- having the commitment to reach your destination.

If you are planning to open your very own retail store, you have to have that commitment to pursue your venture. Once you have that strong determination, you will find endless energy within to work hard.

You can have all kinds of dreams and ideas in your mind but if you are not committed enough; you will never be able to make those dreams come true.

#2. Search for Knowledge

Knowledge is power. You can have a huge investment readily available for your business or you can make it to a highly reputed corporate financing company as a young, energetic executive.

But you cannot really get all obsessed with the present. Just like anyone else, you also have to reach that next level. To make it happen, you need to gain knowledge- as much as you can.

If you have the right idea and the required knowledge, you will be able to guide yourself through the correct path. The Romans ruled the world for two thousand years not just because they had a well-trained army marching through the continents.

They pursued knowledge to enrich their civilization, learned how to implement good governance. The moment they stopped their hunt for knowledge, their empire started crumbling.

So regardless of whatever you are willing to achieve, make sure that you are gathering the required knowledge that will help you to excel.

#3. Enjoy the Ride

You cannot really keep your concentration too long if you are not enjoying the things you are doing.

So transform your work into a challenge, a fun game where you reach the end by completing different levels. Challenge yourself and take it easy. This will help you to reach your goal.

#4. Say Goodbye to the Negativity

It is quite natural that you will have doubts about what you are doing, whether you are on the right track or not. People around you may make your life difficult.

But hold on. Say goodbye to those doubts and negative thoughts. Just focus on your goals and keep working towards it. Don’t be too worried about failures. If you fall, you can always pick yourself up and keep going

Let your Imaginations Fly.  Start thinking out of the box, have faith in your imagination. Even if your ideas seem a bit unconventional, don’t be too harsh on yourself.

Imaginations helped us to fly, drive super-fast cars and reach the moon. Someone dreamt of achieving it and it eventually did happen. So keep imagining.

#5. Don’t Go Too Soft on Yourself

Mohammad Ali used to train endless hours days after days. Even in times when he felt like taking a day off, he would slap himself out of it and head back to the gym. So yes, don’t be too soft on yourself.

Push your limits and go to the next level. Keep pushing and you will be amazed to see how much you really can do.

#6. Eliminate Distractions

To get your job done, you need to put your focus on the tasks at hand. If your place is full of noise, find a quieter place to concentrate. Remember, peace of mind is important for enhancing your creativity and productivity.

#7. Don’t be Dependent on Other People

Napoleon said, if you want something to be done properly, do it yourself. He truly believed that and see what he achieved in his life. From a simple artillery officer, he turned himself into the Emperor of France!

So never be dependent on other people for the things that you can and should do. Enhance your skills on things that you are not really good at.

But if you really need some support, go for someone professional for help, hire an expert.

Often we fail to achieve our objectives when we are relying on others. They may not share the same passion or enthusiasm towards the work.

#8. Planning

Good planning is one of the biggest secrets to success. When you have your goals fixed, develop your plan that you will follow to pursue those objectives.

Gather the required knowledge and implement it to progress. Many extraordinary initiatives fail to reach the end of the line simply because of poor planning and execution.

#9. Don’t Get Burnt Out

It is quite alright to be all energetic and enthusiastic about your work. After all, hard work is the essence of success. However, make sure that you are not overdoing it.

Time to time take a break and have some time for chilling. Visit the countryside or go and watch a movie. It will be like rewarding yourself for all your hard work and even will help you to regain your energy.

Follow the five-hour rule to enhance your productivity and at the same time to avoid getting all burnout. This is a proven tactic to enhance your performance.


So follow these tips and you will find yourself on the right path to reach the top of the mountain you are dreaming to climb.

Be committed towards your work, gather the required knowledge and make your work fun. Never let negativity take control of your thoughts and let your imagination fly.

Push yourself to the limit. However, make sure that you are not burning yourself out. Plan carefully and never get dependent on others for your work. At the end of the day, you will find yourself where you always wanted to be.


This article has been contributed by Shawn on behalf of FeedFond. He is a go-getter and loves to travel and explore life. Check out more of his work at FeedFond.com



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