A Do It Yourself 360

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions” is one of the quotes I often use with my career mentoring clients.

Feedback is not always pleasant — but it is important if you want to get better and keep moving ahead in your life and career.

Many organizations conduct 360 reviews for their leaders.  Very few do them for individual contributors.

That’s why I like this article.  It shows you how you can create your very own anonymous 36o.

Check it out….


I’ll be the first to admit that it takes guts to do this.  You might not like what you hear.

However, getting some feedback that you don’t like is a good thing.  It provides you with some useful information on how others see you — and it gives you a place to start on your improvement journey.

Go ahead.  Create a personal 360.  If you share your results with me, I’ll give you a free half hour coaching session to help you use the feedback to your best advantage.  Just send your results to me at Bud@BudBilanich.com.

Your career mentor,


PS — You can download a free copy of my bestselling career advice book, Climbing the Corporate Ladder at www.budbilanich.com/climbing.  When you download the book, you’ll begin receiving my daily success quotes and get a free membership in my career mentoring site.

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