A Great Perspective on Life

Bob Bly is a great guy to know if you want to create a successful writing career.  The other day, an email from him popped up in my inbox.  In it, Bob listed his philosophy of life.  I liked what he had to say so much that I asked if I could repost it here.  He graciously agreed.  Check it out…

Here, at age 62, is my philosophy. The list is far from
all-inclusive, but it does cover my most important points:

1–Any day you wake up and don’t have cancer is a good day.
2–Any day when you can breathe freely and move without
pain is a good day.
3–Any day you live in a house or apartment where the roof
doesn’t leak when it rains, you have hot and cold water, and
heat in the winter and AC in the summer, is a good day.
4–Any day you still have your eyesight, hearing, mobility, and
well-functioning cognition and memory is a good day.
5–Any day you have enough healthy food to eat — or in a
pinch, enough of any food to eat that you won’t go to bed
hungry — is a good day.
6–Any day you have a family that loves you, and they are
happy and healthy, is a good day.
7–Any day you do at least one kind thing for a relative,
friend, or stranger is a good day.
8–Any day without problems large or small — e.g. the upstairs
toilet overflows, damaging the ceiling of the room below it —
is a good day.
9–Any day you are productive and produce good work is a good
day.10–Any day your kids are happy and healthy is a particularly
good day, both for you and for them. Remember, you are only as
happy as your unhappiest kid.

What else would be on your list for a good day?

Here’s hoping you have many good days ahead.

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