A Little Plug for Gmail

Yesterday, I did a post on email marketing.  Today, I’d like to share a graphic put together form the folks at Cloud Migrator detailing several reasons that for making Gmail your email platform.  I use Gmail, and like it very much.

Two of the points in the graphic are important to me…

Number 5 — Gmail allows you to use your own domain name.  That’s why even though my email is running through Gmail, my main address is Bud@BudBilanich.com.

Number 18 — Gmail lets you maintain multiple inboxes.  I teach at the University of Denver.  I have linked my DU email (Bud.Bilanich@du.edu) to my gmail account.  This means that I don’t have to check my DU account every day to see if I have messages from students, they go right to my main address.

Check out the graphic below.  I’m sure you’ll find some other good reasons for using Gmail.

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