A March Madness Story You Don’t Want to Miss

It’s March, time for the NCAA basketball tournament.  Brackets will be out on Sunday.  Regardless of which schools get into the Final Four, or who wins it all, there is one school, and one player in particular, who are big winners.  Check out this article on making the best of a difficult situation…


I always tell my career coaching clients that what happens to you isn’t important.  How you react to what happens — especially the bad things that happen — is what defines you, and will ultimately contribute to your success or failure.

Tyler Adams chose to deal with some pretty negative stuff in a very positive way.  I love what he has to say about his heart condition.  “I’m really not a person who mourns when bad things happen.  I didn’t want to be that little, sad puppy on the team, not bringing positive energy. I know there’s people in life who have worse issues than I have.”

He’s right.  Even though he lost out on playing basketball at Georgetown, one of the premier programs in the country, he stayed positive.  He’s getting a Georgetown education and he is getting valuable coaching experience that will help him in his chosen field.

More important, he realizes that while he suffered a pretty big setback at an early age, he knows that many other people have experienced much more difficult situations than him.  He is thankful for what he has, not resentful because he lost what might have been.

Read this story a couple of times.  Keep Tyler Adams in mind when you feel that life is treating you unfairly.  I know it’s a cliché, but be like Tyler and make lemonade out of the lemons life throws your way.

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