A Positive Attitude and Career Success

Dan Robey is a friend of mine.  He is the author of a great eBook that contains some great common sense life and career success advice, The Power of Positive Habits.  Check it out at http://www.ThePowerOfPositiveHabits.com.  The other day, I read an article by Dan called “This “Positive Attitude” Habit will Change Your Life!”  Dan always lets me post his articles here.  Check out what he has to say…

Your attitude determines how well you will succeed when faced with a challenge.  Would you like to be able to instantly acquire a winner’s attitude?

Here is a simple positive habit that will change your attitude in seconds. Use this technique for all areas of your life — career success, weight loss, motivation, whatever.

Choose or create a positive mental attitude trigger phrase and repeat it aloud many times each day.  A habit trigger is an event, action, or thought that helps to reinforce your positive habits.

Your trigger phrases will help you to maintain a positive mental attitude. Choose or make up a positive phrase, such as:

“I know I can do it.”
“I can overcome any obstacle.”
“I am reaching my success goals every day.”
“I am getting stronger and stronger every day.”
“Every day I am getting closer and closer to my goals in life.”
“If I believe it I can achieve it.”
“Every day, my mental attitude is becoming more positive.”
“I am losing weight every day.”
“I am getting closer and closer to my goal of a trim and fit body.”

Write your trigger phrase on Post-it notes; place them on the mirror of your car, on your bathroom mirror, carry them in your pocket. Repeat the phrase many times every day.  Remember to say it with emotion, believe it with all your heart. Make it a habit to repeat this phrase at least 30 times a day.

Here is a simple way to turbo charge this habit for AMAZING results!!

Everybody has a smart phone these days. Almost all smart phones have the ability to record audio, if not you can bet there is an App For That!

Download a voice recorder app for your phone. Then record your own voice talking about the goals you are going to reach, talk about them in great detail with enthusiasm in your voice.

Play this recording over and over again, while driving, at the gym, before you go to sleep. It’s called the power of thinking BIG and trust me, it works. Think BIG successful thoughts, record them and play them back over and over!

Sounds like a lot but if it changes your life, isn’t it worth it?

Start your day with it. End your day with it.

The more you repeat your trigger phrases, the greater their effect will be on your attitude.  Whenever a negative thought enters your mind, replace it with your positive-attitude trigger phrase. You will now be building success-oriented positive thought patterns.

This habit will help you achieve a positive mental attitude automatically.

Remember, attitude is everything!

I really like what Dan has to say here.  It’s great career advice.  Attitude is everything.  You have to believe that you can accomplish your goals.  Belief starts with your attitude.

The career success coach point here is simple common sense.  As Dan Robey, author of The Power of Positive Habits points out, your attitude will determine your response to difficult situations.  If you have a positive attitude, you’ll be more likely to respond positively to tough times.  Trigger phrases are the best way to build a positive attitude.  Here are some trigger phrases that can help you create positive attitude: “I know I can do it.” “I can overcome any obstacle.” “I am reaching my success goals every day.”  “I am getting stronger and stronger every day.”  “Every day I am getting closer and closer to my life and career success goals.”  “Every day, my mental attitude is becoming more positive.”  Pick one of these trigger phrases – or make one up yourself.  Repeat it 25 to 30 times a day, and you’ll find that you’ll have a positive attitude when you need it most – when things are tough.

That’s my career advice based on what Dan Robey has to say about trigger phrases and a positive attitude.  What do you think?  Please take a minute to share your thoughts with us in a comment.  As always, thanks for reading my daily thoughts on life and career success.  I value you and I appreciate you.


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