Affirmations Are Powerful Career Success Tools

Dan Robey is a friend of mine.  His book The Power of Positive Habits contains some great common sense ideas on creating the life and career success you want and deserve.

The other day I received an email from Dan about how to create an important positive habit — a positive attitude.  Check out what Dan has to say…

Here is a simple positive habit that will change your attitude in seconds! Pick a couple phrases from the list below and every morning look in the mirror and repeat the phrase.

• “I can overcome any obstacle.”
• “I am reaching my success goals every day.”
• “I am getting stronger and stronger every day.”
• “Every day I am getting closer and closer to my goals in life.”         
• “If I believe it I can achieve it.”
• “Every day, my mental attitude is becoming more positive.”

Write down your trigger phrase on post-it notes; place them on the mirror of your car, on your bathroom mirror, carry the note in your pocket. Repeat the phrase many times every day, remember to say it with emotion, believe it with all your heart. Make it a habit to repeat this phrase at least 30 times a day. Start your day with it.

The more you repeat your trigger phrases, the greater their effect will be on your attitude. Whenever a negative thought enters your mind, replace it with your positive-attitude trigger phrase. You will now be building success-oriented positive thought patterns.

This habit will help you achieve a positive mental attitude automatically.  Remember, attitude is everything!

Dan’s trigger phrases are what I call affirmations.  Tweet 16 in my career success book Success Tweets says, “Use affirmations to realize your vision of your career success.  Affirmations are statements about the future stated in the present tense.”  Affirmations can help you build your self confidence and career success.

Self-confidence is an important key to life and career success. It is an upward spiral.  Self-confidence leads to career success, which leads to increased self-confidence, which leads to higher levels of career success, and so on.

You might be saying, “That’s great, but how do I become self-confident if I’m new in my job or if I haven’t had a lot of success to bolster my self-confidence?” 

 That’s where affirmations come in.  There’s an old saying, “Fake it till you make it.” In other words, act as if you are a career success already. This will help you succeed. Your success will help you build your self-confidence.

How do you fake it, till you make it?  As Tweet 16 in Success Tweets suggests, begin with affirmations. If you’re in a new job, tell yourself something like, “I have the skills and desire to succeed in this job,” several times a day.  Or pick one of Dan’s trigger phrases – like, “I am reaching my success goals every day.”  If you repeat an affirmation often enough — Dan sugests 30 times a day — you will begin to believe it. This will help you perform at the level necessary in order to actually succeed in your job and find the career success you want.

Affirmations are positive self talk. The idea behind affirmations is simple.  When you think of the things to which you aspire, like becoming a career success, and then tell yourself that you are a career success, you will believe that you can become a career success. More important, you will be more likely to do the work it takes to make your career success aspirations come true.

A word of caution here, affirmations alone are not enough to guarantee your career success.  You have to do the work.  Spend the time necessary to accomplish your goals.  Volunteer for projects that will get you noticed.  Become an expert on your company, its competitors, and your industry.  In other words, repeat your affirmations several times a day, then bust your butt making them come true — and you will become a career success.  It has to happen.

The common sense career success coach point here is simple.  Successful people are self-confident.  Your self-confidence will improve as you begin to realize your life and career success.  The self-confidence => career success => self-confidence cycle is an upward spiral.  You have to enter the cycle somewhere.  You might not have a strong track record as you begin your career, move into a new job, or start a business.  Therefore, you have to “fake it till you make it” by “acting as if” you already are a career success.  Find ways to bolster your self-confidence until you have some real successes on which you can build. 

Follow the career advice in Tweet 16 in Success Tweets . “Use affirmations to realize your vision of your career success.  Affirmations are statements about the future stated in the present tense.”  Affirmations are a great tool for helping you “fake it till you make it,” and for becoming a life and career success.

That’s my career advice on the power of developing a positive attitude habit.  What do you think?  Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts with us in a comment.  As always, thanks for reading my thoughts on life and career success.  I value you and I appreciate you.

Finally, Bill Knepper of Tallahassee FL identified the song title and artist that I was looking for in yesterday’s post.  The song is “Meet in the Middle.”  The artist is Diamond Rio.  Bill also informed me that the lyrics continue with – “We’d gain a lot of ground, because we’d both meet in the middle.  Ain’t no road to long when we meet in the middle.”  Thanks Bill.  I’ll put a signed copy of Success Tweets in the mail to you today.


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