An Easy Way to Create Custom Resumes for Every Job in Which You’re Interested

I advise members of my career mentoring site to create a custom resume for every job in which they’re interested.

Many of them say, “That’s too hard and time consuming, Bud.”

My response is simple, “You get out of your job search what you put into it.  A resume uniquely tailored to a specific job is more likely to get you an interview, than is a generic one.’

I realize that creating an individual resume for every job can be time consuming.  But it doesn’t have to take all of your time.  This article describes a pretty nifty piece of software that will help you create good looking resumes quickly.

Check it out…

I tired out the software and not only is it easy to use, it works.  It created a great looking resume for me, emphasizing the points I wanted to make for applying for a job as a VP of Human Resources.

In order to make the best use of this software you have to first gain a good understanding of the opportunity.  Then you need to determine how you’re knowledge, skills and experience make you a great candidate for the job.  The rest is merely entering information into the boxes.

A while back I wrote a post about having a big ass resume (a BAR) in which I suggested that you need a comprehensive resume that covers every little thing you’ve done and what you’ve accomplished.  Your BAR will make it even easier for you to use the I Need a Resume software.

Now you have no excuse for creating a unique resume for every job in which you’re interested.  Get working on your BAR, then go to to create as many versions of your resume as you want.

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